Isaac Arellanes Age: A Rising Star in Television


Isaac Arellanes has quickly made waves in television with his charisma and acting abilities, garnering audiences’ admiration with roles like “Ghostwriter”. Here we explore his journey and accomplishments as one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

Isaac Arellanes

Isaac Arellanes: Early Life and Background

Isaac Gabriel Arellanes (born February 24, 2005) is an up-and-coming film/TV star hailing from Phoenix, Arizona and belonging to both Hopi and Latino heritages. A member of the Coyote Clan with maternal lineage coming from Hotevilla village on Third Mesa of Hopi reservation; Isaac earned first ever Native American Daytime Emmy nomination in younger programming category with character Ruben Reyna.

ProfessionTV Actor
BirthdayFebruary 24, 2005
Birth SignPisces
BirthplacePhoenix, AZ
Age19 years old

Achievement Recognition for “Ghostwriter” as a Key Milestone

Arellanes became widely-acclaimed for his portrayal of Ruben Reyna in the critically-acclaimed television series “Ghostwriter”. The show combined mystery, adventure and supernatural themes into one show; Arellanes utilized this platform to showcase his talent to global audiences. His portrayal of Ruben won him high praise from critics due to its nuanced performance and on-screen presence.

Isaac Arellanes: Acting Style and Versatility

Isaac Arellanes stands out as an actor due to his versatility, effortlessly shifting between emotional depth and comedic timing to give each role authenticity and an authentic performance. From portraying characters caught up in supernatural happenings to offering heartfelt connections between viewers, Arellanes always delivers performances that resonate with audiences.

Impact and Influence

Isaac Arellanes has established himself in the entertainment industry with his on-screen achievements, and through his dedication to his craft and ability to engage audiences he has attracted a growing fan base and won him respect from peers. As he expands his repertoire and seeks new opportunities he remains one of television’s rising talents; looking set to leave an indelible mark.

Future Projects and Aspirations

Isaac Arellanes has many promising prospects on the horizon for his acting career. With an increasing profile and fan anticipation of new projects and roles to come, fans look forward to what comes next from this actor/singer/songwriter/performer. Arellanes has expressed an interest in exploring different genres and roles – challenging himself creatively as well as expanding upon his acting capabilities – all promising a bright future of success and artistic expansion.

Isaac Arellanes: Personal Life and Hobbies

Isaac is a former competitive dancer who enjoys skating and skateboarding. Additionally, he spends some of his free time volunteering for Hopi Relief – his family’s non-profit that invests time and resources back into our indigenous communities.


Isaac Arellanes has won over audiences with his talent, versatility, and magnetic presence on screen. From his breakthrough role in “Ghostwriter” to future projects that promise success, Arellanes epitomizes rising star in television. Navigating his way through the entertainment industry with passion and drive is clear evidence that Isaac Arellanes will go far. Surely one thing is certain – Isaac Arellanes is an actor to watch with continued success and accolade in years ahead!

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