Lil Mabu Net Worth 2024: The Young Genius of Brooklyn Drill


At just 19 years old, Lil Mabu (real name Matthew Peter DeLuca) has become a rising star in the Brooklyn drill scene. His earnest lyrics, energetic delivery and catchy hooks have earned him millions of views and a devoted fan following. This article explores Lil Mabu’s journey, his musical influences, career milestones, and controversies surrounding the drill genre.

Lil Mabu Net Worth

Lil Mabu Early Life

Lil Mabu first took an interest in music at a young age after experiencing the sounds of New York rap and drill music pioneers Pop Smoke and Sheff G, particularly their deep bass-heavy instrumentals and the irreverent street life that came with them. illustration. Resonating deeply, his own musical direction was taking shape.

Musical Beginnings and Rise to Popularity (2018-2022):

Mabu first started rapping in 2018, honing his craft and cultivating a local following. In 2020, Mabu experienced his breakthrough moment with the release of “Miss Me”. The track’s infectious energy and relatable lyrics about heartbreak connected with listeners – catapulting him into prominence.

Mabu continued his momentum in 2022 by releasing his debut mixtape, “Double M’s.” This project featured collaborations with established Brooklyn drill artists Dusty Locane and Sha EK, further solidifying Mabu’s standing within the scene. However, one particular song featuring Dusty Locane — “No Snitching” on TikTok — catapulted Mabu into national renown, amassing millions of views and opening his music up to new listeners.

The Breakout Year: 2023 and “Young Genius”

Building upon the success of “No Snitching,” Mabu released his debut studio album “Young Genius” in December 2022. This work showcased Mabu’s versatility as a rapper with tracks spanning introspective ballads to hard-hitting drill anthems; guest performances included prominent figures like DD Osama who further cemented Mabu’s collaborations within this genre.

“Young Genius” was an overwhelming commercial success, topping charts and garnering positive reviews from critics who praised Mabu’s raw energy and storytelling ability. The album’s lead single, “Throw”, featuring DD Osama became an overnight phenomenon on YouTube’s trending music videos list; Mabu embarked upon his inaugural major tour performing to sold out crowds nationwide during this period.

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Lil Mabu Net Worth 2024

Lil Mabu is a New York-based rapper with a net worth of $1 million. Lil Mabu originally got popularity in 2020 with the song “Miss Me.” Since then, he’s released successful songs like “No Snitching,” “Throw,” “Mathematical Disrespect,” and “Teach Me How to Drill.” Mabu has collaborated with rappers such DD Osama, Fivio Foreign, Chrisean Rock, Kay Flock, and Dougie B.

Controversy and Social Commentary:

Brooklyn drill, as with any subgenre of rap music, has often been mired in controversy. Its lyrics frequently depict violence and gang culture, sparking discussion on its social impact. Mabu’s music often addresses such topics; thus causing many critics to accuse him of glorifying violence through his lyrics.

Mabu’s supporters contend that his music reflects the harsh realities faced by young people living in inner-city communities and uses his lyrics as social commentary highlighting struggles and dangers associated with street life.

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Lil Mabu: A Look Ahead

Lil Mabu has already achieved immense success at such an early age. His talent and hard work has established him as an integral figure in the Brooklyn drill scene, while it will be fascinating to observe as he grows as an artist and navigates its controversies to address social issues with his platform.

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Lil Mabu’s journey is still young; with his incredible talent, captivating stage presence, and growing influence he possesses all of the ingredients for becoming an influential force in music industry. Whether embracing drill genre’s signature sound or exploring uncharted territory – Lil Mabu’s “Young Genius” persona promises an exciting musical future and captivating voice for a generation to come.

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