The Vampire Diaries (season 3) Damon Salvatore


Elena shows up at the Salvatore Boarding House to let Damon know that they have another clue from Sheriff Forbes. Damon has a detailed plan of Stefan and Klaus’ movements, and he is keeping note of all accounts of animal assaults because he doesn’t want to involve Elena.

Damon and Alaric journey to the location of the last victim’s family member thanks to the assistance of Andie. They, Alaric, and Damon walk inside and see blood splatters on the walls and furnishings. The sofa has two feminine figures seated on it. By the way the corpses were torn apart and then put back together, Damon can tell that Stefan did it right away. The two discover a trap door that leads to a cellar where chains were stored, leading them to speculate that either werewolves occasionally visited or that the two females were actually werewolves. After that, Damon destroys all traces of the two girls’ torn-apart bodies by setting them on fire.

Damon shows up as Elena is getting ready for her birthday celebration and gives her a gift—the pendant she had lost—while claiming Alaric had discovered it in his apartment. He follows her downstairs, where they discover an enormous celebration in progress. He goes to Andie’s place of employment, where he meets Stefan, and appears to be concerned about her whereabouts and the fact that she will be late for the gathering.

Elena is thrilled when Damon gives her back her jewellery.

Stefan forces Andie to remain stationary on top of a platform until he gives the order for her to move. She begins to descend towards the earth as soon as he gives her the go-ahead to move. Damon is unable to save her because Stefan is attacking him and holding him up against the wall. He was instructing Damon to let him go in his communication to him. When he returns to the home, Elena challenges him regarding all the clues he had found, and he advises her to give up searching for Stefan because he is no longer there and won’t be coming back.

Because she thinks Stefan phoned her, Elena is still adamant about getting him back. Damon destroys the documents holding the data he’s been gathering because he still doesn’t want to assist her. Alaric discreetly calls Damon and informs him where they are after Elena enlists his assistance and heads off into the woods in pursuit of Stefan because he doesn’t want Elena to be there unprotected. Damon rushes up behind Elena and forces (throws) her into the lake while admonishing her to return home. However, Elena persuades him otherwise.

They capture Ray Sutton and tie him to a tree, but since Ray is a mix, he transforms as they are leading the crazed Ray away, where Stefan rescues him. When Damon enters Elena’s chamber, he promises to assist her in bringing Stefan back because, even in his lowest hour, he couldn’t bear to see him suffer. Damon doesn’t want to force her; instead, he wants their time together to be genuine and for her to keep in mind how she felt about him when Stefan wasn’t around.

The information that Stefan and Klaus are in Chicago is relayed to Damon by Katherine. Elena is told by Damon, and they set out for Chicago. Damon first reveals Elena Stefan’s catalogue of murders while they are at Stefan’s former residence. Damon then asks Gloria at Gloria’s Tavern where Stefan is. Gloria offers some assistance by informing him that they will return later that evening. He and Elena come up with a scheme whereby Elena can speak to Stefan and Damon can divert Klaus’ attention. While Elena and Stefan are speaking, Damon is facing Klaus and would have been slain if Gloria hadn’t intervened. When Katherine contacts Damon once more, he informs her that she was correct but that they were unable to bring him back.

While assisting Elena in preparing stew for the Founders Dinner, Damon maintains a watch on her to make sure she doesn’t lose it after Stefan broke up with her. Later, Elizabeth asks Damon for assistance in getting her ex-husband Bill to depart the area. Later, Alaric approaches Damon and instructs him to take a break, which is code for don’t go near Elena. Elizabeth informs the committee that there haven’t been any vampire assaults. Then Bill comes in and accuses them of being oblivious, leaving Damon perplexed as to how Bill could have defied coercion.

As Damon, Elena, and Alaric leave the Lockwood house, they are debating whether or not to add vervain to the water supply and whether or not Bill should return. They think that without Stefan present, Damon needs assistance in controlling himself. Alaric is momentarily killed by Damon because he didn’t let him pass.

Damon in the home of Lockwood

Later, Damon visits Bill at the estate once more. After discussing how he could have fought being forced, Damon assaults Bill and feeds on him. To help him recover, Caroline steps in and gives him some of her blood. Caroline flees with her father after a dispute with Damon.

They fight about him being so careless and how she doesn’t want him to be that way as Elena arrives. In response, Damon says he’s not Stefan and isn’t even like him. At the Salvatore lodging house, Damon apologises but expresses his frustration with everyone’s desire to alter him as he waits for Alaric to be restored. With Elena’s pendant in hand, Katherine knocks on his door and invites him on a road journey to try to find a means to defeat Klaus once and for all.

Katherine and Damon are leaving Mystic Falls in a car. Along the way, Katherine attempts to entice Damon but is rejected by him because she feels sorry for Elena for wanting to alter him. He pulls over and demands to know Katherine’s strategy. She informs him that she has power because Klaus is looking for the jewellery. She demonstrates to him that Jeremy is in the trunk. According to Katherine, Pearl knew of a vampire assassin who could slay the Originals. Pearl had given Anna access to all of her knowledge, but now that they are both deceased, Jeremy is the only person who can reach Pearl, which is why Katherine abducted him.

Following Damon’s injury of Jeremy, Anna’s spirit is eager to share her secrets with them and assigns them the moniker Mikael. Damon discovers that Bonnie has been looking for him and Klaus is back in town after demanding that Katherine return his phone, which she had been keeping. When Damon returns to town, he confronts Klaus and scares him off by informing him Mikael has been freed. Then, after saving Elena, he returns with her to the lodging house and promises to never abandon her again. They are interrupted by Stefan, who says he will remain there to watch over Elena for the benefit of Klaus.

Damon learns that Stefan hosts gatherings at his home where he carelessly consumes alcohol from young females if they lose a game of Twister. Rebekah walks in and informs the group that Klaus left her alone. Even though Stefan and Damon declined to extend an offer for her to remain with them, she leaves to find herself a place. In an attempt to see if she has succeeded in awakening Mikael, Katherine contacts Damon to check on her progress. Damon then phones Elena at school and advises her not to go to their home because Stefan is crazy in addition to Rebekah.

Damon visits Elena while she is practising at Alaric’s apartment to teach her how to find a vampire’s vulnerable spot and where to stab one. Alaric, Damon, Elena, and Caroline come up with a scheme to apprehend Stefan and imprison him. Tyler objects to the strategy, and Damon realises that he has been sired and is therefore devoted to Klaus because his blood changed him.

Rebekah is diverted by Damon’s attractions, but she believes that he is only attempting to divert her and conceal something from her. She walks away after stabbing him with a piece of wood. After Elena nearly got roasted, Damon is treating her face at the Salvatore lodging house. Both of them discuss how they behaved and carried out their plans that evening. Later, when Damon is struck out cold, it is discovered that Mason was the one who assaulted him.

With a struck poker in his breast, Damon is restrained to a chair. Although Mason had been the one who had tormented him, Damon thinks that Stefan was the one who had done it. Damon tells Bonnie that she made a mistake with the magic and that she needs to rectify it because Mason is after him for retaliation as he travels downtown to the location of the Night of Light. Mason enters the bar where Alaric and Damon are standing, striking Damon in the head with a tumbler. Mason informs him that all he needs is a contrition. Damon apologises to him inadvertently, and Mason accepts, instructing him to meet him at the old Lockwood basement so he can assist him with the Klaus issue.

Alaric alongside Mason and Damon.

Damon enters the basement after running into a roadblock in his other plan to beat Klaus. The two move through the passageway after Damon destroys a wall to expose it. Surprisingly, Damon receives multiple stabbings from wooden spikes coming from various angles. Mason pulls the spikes after getting a spade to split them apart.

After everything he has done, Damon finds it hard to think Mason still has faith in him. Mason admits that he wants to assist Tyler and is not seeking retribution but rather atonement. They come across a tunnel, but Mason continues onward because Damon is unable to enter. Mason vanishes after Bonnie casts the incantation to summon the spirits back, leaving Damon without a way to enter the tunnel. Alaric is the only other person Damon trusts besides Elena, and he contacts him because he doesn’t want to endanger him. Damon apologises to Alaric once more, but this time he really means it.

He takes Stefan with him to a tavern after releasing him from the cellar’s confinement. There, they discuss the bonds of brotherhood, and he assists Stefan in covering up his repeated biting of the bartender. They run into Mikael, who threatens to tear Damon’s heart out if Stefan doesn’t reveal Klaus’ location. Then, after Stefan claims that Damon could tempt Klaus return to Mystic Falls, he saves Damon. Damon assaults Stefan outside before leaving. He is lying in Elena’s bed at the Gilbert residence, and when Elena goes to sleep, she says that Damon might be the only one who can save Stefan.

Elena and Damon speaking in Everyday People

Together with Mikael, he makes preparations for how to murder Klaus. Mikael demonstrates to him the White Oak Stick, the sole tool capable of killing an Original. When Stefan arrives, Mikael feasts on him and renders him helpless. He murders a hybrid at the homecoming dance and challenges Tyler after learning that the latter infused Caroline with vervain. Bonnie intervenes to prevent Damon from pinning Tyler with the White Oak Stick after Tyler nearly attacked him. Mikael shocks Klaus during their discussion after Mikael wounded Katherine, who was posing as Elena. When Stefan intervened, he had already struck him in the gut and was about to spike him in the heart. Damon arrives home furious even though Stefan is free. He admits to Elena that he had Klaus and had the ability to kill him. He gets a farewell call from Katherine on his phone. Damon is soothed by Elena, and they make a commitment to get by without Stefan.

Elena and Damon at the Mystic Restaurant

Alaric and Damon are both imbibing at the Grill. While he is playing darts, Elena approaches him. Their discussion is cut short by Klaus. He has come to beg Damon and Elena to locate Stefan with his hybrid, Tony. Later, Klaus shows up at the Salvatore Boarding House and says Stefan took the Originals’ graves. After Klaus nearly murdered Jeremy, Damon was summoned to the Gilbert residence to break the news. Then, in an effort to locate Stefan, he and Elena visit the Witch House. Elena tries to speak to Stefan but is ineffective because the witches won’t let him inside without scorching his flesh. He finally has the courage to enter the home and speak to his sibling.

Damon repeatedly stabs Stefan in the gut to force the truth out of him. Stefan says that he rescued his sibling because Damon would have been slain by Klaus’ hybrids. Damon departs after ordering him to cease trying to save his life. Later, Stefan explains that the tombs are concealed by the deceased witches, rendering them undetectable to Klaus. Elena persuades Damon to force Jeremy after he visited her home. He is forced to leave town and travel to Colorado by Damon as he settles down. He and Elena speak about Stefan and whether it was appropriate to force Jeremy outside. Damon is about to leave after concluding that he need not feel regretful any longer. Then, though, he clarifies that he only feels regretful about one thing right now as they share an intense embrace.

After taking a shower, Damon joins Stefan to travel to the Witch House where they will meet Bonnie. They learn that a hybrid was present, and Damon tore out his heart to murder him. He calculates that there are four graves at the home but only three Originals are in them. He heads to a fundraiser for the Wickery Bridge with Alaric. As they discuss Elena and how she is changing, Damon departs and discovers Klaus conversing with Carol.

He needs to learn whether Klaus was successful in persuading the mayor that his hybrids would safeguard Tyler and the community. Stefan phones Damon to let him know that he has caught Elena and plans to transform her into a vampire. Damon then tells Klaus that he doesn’t know if Stefan really is going to murder Elena and tells Klaus to follow Stefan’s orders. After Klaus complied with his request to remove his hybrids from Mystic Falls, he gets Elena up and drives her home. He wishes her well and walks away. He went with Elizabeth, and together they discover Brian, Meredith Fell’s ex-boyfriend, who is not a vampire, impaled.

He shares the details about Abigail with Bonnie and Elena. Later, when he runs into Alaric at the Grill, they speak about Meredith Fell, and Damon makes a suggestion that she might have murdered her lover. He went to the hospital to speak with Meredith and charged her with the murder of the coroner. Meredith gave Damon a vervain injection just as he was about to leave to draw blood. Following his awakening, he went to Alaric and told him what his “partner” had done.

Damon didn’t realise Klaus was tracking him when he headed to the Witch House. After the ghosts ceased tormenting him, he realised that the tombs were actually them, and Klaus convinced them to show him the graves. He promises to tear out Damon’s heart after realising the fourth was missing. Stefan entered the room after Klaus had taken the boxes and left for his house. Damon inquires about Elena’s condition during their discussion. Stefan responded by giving him a strong strike after learning that Elena had licked Damon. According to Damon, he doesn’t want to discuss it. Then, after reviving Elijah by removing a White Oak Ash Knife from his heart, he raises the weapon in the air.

Damon at Klaus’s supper party.

Stefan and Damon are at the supper that Klaus is hosting. He had met Elijah earlier, and they had spoken. He assists Elijah in reviving the Originals by removing the blades from them. He then departs, leaving Klaus in the custody of Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Finn. After they depart the Originals, Damon and Stefan have a conversation in which Damon expresses his affection for Elena and praises Stefan for constantly sparing his life. While talking how Esther was in the casket with Stefan and Elena at the Gilbert residence, Damon tells Elena that she is not welcome to accept her offer because it is risky. Elena appears as Damon and Carol are having a conversation at the dance. He explains to Elena that she shouldn’t be there but then extends his arm and that of Stefan to her as they go with her to the Mikaelsons’ gala. He attempts to keep Elena away from Esther, the Original Witch, by telling her it would be perilous for her to go and he wouldn’t let her. Stefan watches as Damon extends his hand to Elena and they begin to waltz. Damon compliments Elena on how beautiful she is.

Elena and Damon dancing

Damon winds up dancing with Rebekah when it’s time to swap partners. The next scene shows Damon entering a room where Stefan is telling Elena that he received her text message. However, Stefan breaks Damon’s neck because he honours Elena’s choice to meet Esther. When he awakens, he is furious with Stefan but also realises that Elena made the right choice. He then tells Stefan that he worries too much and is not pleased with the discovery. Elena rejects Damon’s offer to take her home when he discovers her. Damon assures her that he is angry because he loves her and that he is only trying to safeguard her. Damon feels deeply wounded when Elena continues by saying that his love is an issue. Damon, who is now agitated and enraged, intervenes to save Matt when Kol attempts to murder Matt and pushes Kol off the ledge, breaking his neck. Damon approaches Rebekah while inebriated, and after a brief conversation and some convincing, the two decide to sleep together.

Damon tries to woo Rebekah.

Rebekah is in bed next to Damon. Elena is standing there looking surprised as Damon and Rebekah approach the door. Damon transforms Bonnie’s mother into a vampire in an effort to sever Esther and Esther’s magic connection. Eventually, it is disclosed that Stefan should have won the coin flip and turned Abigail into a vampire. Instead, he failed.

After that, Damon spends some time with his sibling. Because Stefan won’t consume blood, he worries. Stefan needs to learn balance, and Damon wants to help him do that by teaching him how to master it rather than let it master him. Damon pledges to bring Stefan back whenever he strays too far. Damon admits to Stefan that he is the only person he has left when Stefan inquires as to why he would do such a thing.

To access Rebekah’s thoughts and discover what she is trying to hide, Damon enlists Sage’s assistance. He eventually sleeps with Rebekah, and thanks to Sage’s exceptional talent for reading thoughts, she learns that the Old World White Oak tree that might have killed the Originals has not completely burned down.

Then, as Damon searches through ancient documents on his bookcase, he learns that Wickery Bridge was constructed using the White Oak. The Oak is being burned by Rebekah when he travels to Wickery Bridge to recover it. By informing Rebekah about the White Oak and neglecting to mention the Wickery Bridge sign, which is also made of the same white oak, Damon confesses to Stefan that he sold his anger to Sage after she wronged him.

Damon set the grinding ledgers ablaze.

Elena is met by Damon at the entrance, and he forbids her entry. The history instructor is fine, he tells her. Despite having a suspicion that he is up to something, she ultimately believes him. The ancient Wickery Bridge sign has been transformed into white oak posts over the course of the evening by Alaric, Stefan, and Damon. Rebekah slips into the Salvatore lodging house and puts Alaric out, apparently quite pissed off at Damon for wooing her and then using Sage to read her thoughts.

Damon being tortured by Rebekah

Rebekah is close enough for a smooch before Damon realises what is going on. As her partner, she welcomes him. Then she stabs Damon in the abdomen. In Damon’s fantasy, Elena appears to be on his side. He discovers Rebekah placed the fantasy in his head when he awakens up. Stefan approaches Klaus as soon as he learns of the lineage problem. He informs them that Finn is deceased, places a sack containing eight of the remaining blades on the ground, and offers to exchange the weaponry for Damon. Klaus forces a nearly exhausted Damon to return home, even though it seems too simple. Klaus orders Damon to halt before he amputates his own wrists in an effort to break free of the shackles. Then, after forcing Damon to reveal the reality, Damon informs him that there are actually eleven consequences.

This causes Klaus to launch into a lengthy monologue about how he gave Stefan a reason to exist by giving him something to despise. He is so self-absorbed that Stefan cannot help but attempt to murder him. His effort is readily thwarted by Klaus. Rebekah then releases Damon and promises Stefan that she and Klaus will spare their lives if he hands in the final three stakes. Later, Damon visits Alaric to retrieve the final stake, but Alaric is unable to locate it. It was taken out of concealment behind the bookcase. Damon queries whether Alaric is actually telling him that he is lacking a spike that could end his line of vampires after mocking him for concealing it in such a clichéd location. He is stating that, according to Alaric.

Aiding Elena is Damon.

After Bonnie arrives with information about Alaric and it is learned that Elena is gone, Damon and Stefan become concerned. Finally, Stefan, Damon, and Klaus consent to work together to save Caroline and Elena. Stefan and Damon are defeated while fighting Alaric, and Klaus captures Elena. Later, with Bonnie’s assistance, Damon, Stefan, and Tyler start to desiccate Klaus’ corpse. After helping Elena stand up, Damon leads her away from Klaus’ home. Stefan says that if Elena selects Damon, he will leave and allow them to be happy as Damon and Stefan leave to dispose of Klaus’ corpse. Damon says he’ll follow suit and makes a remark about the struggles they go through for “one lady.” She is a fairly unique person, Stefan replies, and Damon concurs. One of the most positive aspects of the siblings’ friendship can be seen in this show.

Meets Damon and Elena.

The following evening, Elena tells Damon one last time that she has made her decision regarding Stefan. Although it hurts him, Damon respects her choice. He reflects on the past and reveals that he and not Stefan was the one who first met Elena. When Damon saw her there on the road, he thought Katherine was there. Before forcing her to forget about ever meeting him, he told her what she really desired: a love that would devour her, passion, excitement, and even a little peril.

Damon after being informed by Dr. Fell that Elena had received vampire blood from her.

Long after departing town, Alaric loses his life in a battle with another person. With terror, Damon understands that Elena is no longer alive. Realizing that he has lost his closest companion and the lady he loves, he starts to cry. He visits the Mystic Falls Medical Center and demands to know Elena’s whereabouts. He is disturbed and surprised when Meredith informs him that she gave Elena vampire blood to treat her brain bleeding and that she would have perished without her assistance.

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