The Vampire Diaries (season 4) Damon Salvatore


In the movie Growing Pains, Damon and Stefan are in Elena’s chamber breaking the news to her that she is in transition and that she perished with vampire blood in her system. He informs Elena straight up that she can either eat and turn into a vampire, or she can perish. He goes to see Rebekah and attempts to strike her with the white oak stick. Damon manages to get away after being unceremoniously unhandled by Rebekah, who is then shot in the back by an arrow. At the Gilbert residence, Damon, Matt, Dr. Fell, and Liz get together to figure out where Caroline, Elena, and Stefan could be. Matt and Damon decide to go check out Reverend Young’s property after realising they may be trapped there.

Upon their arrival at the property, Damon and Matt decide to play defence, with Damon attacking Matt fiercely to coax the minister outside. Damon is wounded, so he plays hide, killing the police who come to arrest him before turning his focus back to Matt and threatening to murder him.

The Vampire Diaries (season 4) Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore (season 4)

Elena assaults Damon to stop him from killing Matt, showing that she has finished the transformation and is now a vampire. She informs him that she recalls everything he made her forget, including the fact that she met him first, though she hints that this knowledge wouldn’t alter anything. When asked what he would have done in Stefan’s situation, Damon tells her the truth: he would have let Matt perish to protect her. He declares his own greed by stating he would have let her companion perish so that Elena could have the existence she desired—a human one. Damon departs after Elena doesn’t react to his reminder of another forced recollection she recovered.

Damon giving Elena a drink.

Damon argues with Stefan’s plan to gradually introduce animal blood to Elena in Remembrance. They fight about it until Elena shows up, at which point Damon informs Elena that, since she is now a vampire, she should act like one and drink human blood. The constable and Elena question Damon if he was responsible for the blast at the Young farm that murdered the town council, but Damon says he wasn’t. Elena also admits to Damon that she has been vomiting blood and begs for his assistance. Damon gives Elena his blood after she declines to consume from a person but requests that she not inform Stefan.

With Damon’s aid, Elena can finally breathe easy.

A while later, a distressed Elena calls Damon, pleading with him to bring her a fresh outfit. When he arrives at the church, he discovers Elena’s boyfriend, Connor, waiting outside the restroom. Damon hands Elena a suitcase containing her belongings without Connor noticing the gory chaos she’s made of things, and then he waits until Elena is ready to leave while making nervous small conversation with Connor. After another unsuccessful attempt, Damon takes Elena outside to have her consume from a blood bag. Damon soothes an increasingly distraught Elena, and she returns to the chapel. Damon and Stefan have another argument about what’s best for Elena as they convene outside. Damon says that Elena drank from him earlier and that she hasn’t been able to keep blood down for days.

Damon, Stefan, and the Graveyard

After Connor shoots at Tyler in the church, Damon follows him out to the parking lot. Damon breaks into Connor’s vehicle, drags him out, and prepares to stake him when Connor arrives and opens fire with wooden projectiles. Instead of staying and fighting, Connor gets in his pickup and drives away. Stefan decides to remain with Damon instead of going after Connor, and he begins to assist him up before he is sucker-punched. Damon is initially outraged, but Stefan implies subtly that it was revenge for Elena feeding from him.

Damon, still mourning Alaric.

Later that night, Stefan hosts a traditional Japanese light ritual for his guests. Damon disagrees with Stefan that they need to slow down their search for the hunter to mourn. After remembering the dead, each person in the company takes rounds launching a light into the night sky, but Damon doesn’t want to take part and eventually departs. Instead, he goes to mourn at Alaric’s graveside alone, “talking” to his buddy about everything that’s going on and how much he misses him in his own manner. Damon has no idea that Alaric’s spirit is sitting quietly by his side, taking it all in.

Damon gets a hand from Meredith.

Damon and Stefan have some playful conversation in The Rager about getting into a battle because of Damon’s blood-sharing with Elena, and Damon discloses his plan to kill the hunter and then flee town. He decides to investigate Connor’s trailer and is promptly trapped in one of the hunter’s explosives traps, which will go off if he moves even an inch. When Meredith is called, she comes to assist remove the projectile from Damon’s back. Meredith says that Damon is a nice sibling because he tells Elena to call back later while she’s working. He protests, but she argues that Stefan needs to take on these risky tasks so that he can be Elena’s guide.

Elena and Damon

Elena enters Damon’s room at the boarding house, presumably searching for whisky, but Damon immediately calls her fake, claiming that he knows she is really after the white oak stake. When she doesn’t depart, he suggests she remain for the performance by starting to strip in front of him. Elena recovers quickly and walks away, proclaiming that she will locate the stake no matter what.


Once Connor has been enticed to the hospital, Damon, who has enlisted Jeremy and Klaus in his plot to take down the hunter, sets up a trap for him that is virtually similar to the one that caught Damon. Despite being shot with an arrow in both arms, Connor tries to grab his weapon. Right as he goes to take it up, Klaus emerges and pushes it out of his path. Damon and Klaus interrogate their prisoner as a tag team, but Connor continues to withhold information. Damon tells Klaus about Connor’s invisibility tattoo, and Klaus appears interested. Connor attempts to use a spike to kill Klaus but is quickly neutralised. While Damon watches, Klaus says something about Connor being one of the Five; however, before Damon can ask what he means, Connor detonates the device, sending Damon flying down the hall.

Currently, “you are a vampire.”

As a result of the blast, Meredith scolds Damon for involving the hospital in his risky scheme and suggests he make amends with Stefan and Elena. Damon later vamp-runs into the home as Elena is losing control while feasting on Matt, and he drags her off of him. After Elena almost murdered Matt, Damon makes him forget about it and sends him home. He then consoles a devastated Elena by offering to teach her the ways of the vampire.

Damon and Elena

Damon and Stefan continue their investigation into the enigmatic Five and the whereabouts of missing hunter Connor in The Five. Damon abandons Stefan to his quest for knowledge while he and Elena attend Whitmore College to study nutrition. Damon plans to teach Elena the “snatch, consume, delete” technique of feeding while posing as Bonnie’s companion on a visit to the scholar who replaced her grandma. She loses her courage before biting her first target when she sees a photo of the woman’s little sibling on her phone. Damon is frustrated and vocalises his confusion over Elena’s interest in a total stranger. It’s important for her to reassure him that she’s still herself and still feels emotions just like she did when she was human. Damon is excited to find Elena some victims she won’t feel so empathetic towards when Bonnie shows up with a flier about a college party that night.

Both Jack the Ripper and his victim are iconic figures in popular culture.

The group finally reaches the “Murder Mansion” that evening. Damon and Elena are able to eat at will without being noticed because they are dressed similarly to the other partygoers. The first person Elena kills is a man who put a roofie in a girl’s drink. She entices him to an isolated chamber, where she devours him. Damon instructs her and cautions her against killing him. After she’s done, the man has no choice but to depart and put the whole thing behind him. Following her first effective snatch-eat-erase, Elena clings to Damon and expresses her desire for more. They go back to the dance floor to dance and feast on more victims, and then they all dance together with their lips glistening with blood. When Elena sees Bonnie coming back, she comes down from her euphoria and bolts outside, embarrassed.

A sobbing Elena.

Damon goes outside with Elena and Bonnie. Bonnie charges him of wanting Elena to be like him, but he contends that Elena is already like him and just needs to learn to luxuriate in the feed; the only way she, like him, can make feeding enjoyable and not get carried away is if she doesn’t hate herself and learns to appreciate it. Damon abandons Elena, who is left to sob over the tragedy alone. On the way home, she apologises for the way the celebration escalated and says she can’t stand the fact that she agrees with Damon’s viewpoint. She begins to explain that she doesn’t wish to be like that, and Damon completes her thought by echoing her sentiment. The moment Stefan unlocks the door, Damon walks out.

Damon and Stefan have a fight

As seen in The Murderer, Damon goes to the Gilbert residence to check in with Elena and inquire about Stefan, who hasn’t returned his calls. After discovering out that Elena was eating and dancing with Damon at the college party, Damon assumes that Stefan is avoiding him, but Elena says she didn’t inform Stefan. Damon makes fun of her for being in a guilt spiral, but when Stefan doesn’t return Elena’s call, they’re both concerned. Damon and the others have already begun preparations to liberate Jeremy, Matt, and April from Connor when Stefan arrives at the Lockwood estate. Caroline and Tyler have enlisted the aid of the sheriff and the hybrids, and Damon has asked Caroline to enlist the aid of Bonnie as well. During the rescue operation, Stefan and Damon have a disagreement over how to proceed.

Elena slams Damon face-first onto the bed.

Damon later discovers Alaric’s plan of the town’s catacombs, on which is marked a passageway that goes directly to the Grill. Since Connor does not yet know Elena is a vampire, Elena decides to contact Stefan and suggest trading herself for the captives. Damon dismisses this possibility, arguing that she lacks the strength to stand up to a trained predator. After a fake battle, Elena ends up on top of Damon in bed with the crossbow aimed at his chest. Damon assures her that they will succeed in rescuing Jeremy after she says he is the only thing keeping her together. When Stefan returns to the apartment, Damon expresses his confusion as to why Stefan would include Klaus in his scheme. Stefan stabs Damon with a vervain needle after hearing him say he plans to go renegade.

When Elena asks Damon for help killing Connor, he suggests she put Connor to death.

Awakening to find his daytime band missing, Damon suspects Stefan. Damon advises Elena to get as near to the Grill as possible before murdering Connor, and Elena agrees to go there. Damon later encounters Stefan in the catacombs, with Connor in tow. After spotting the predator, Damon’s first instinct is to murder him, so Stefan orders Connor to make a quick getaway. Stefan attempts to hold Damon back, but Damon manages to force his hand into Stefan’s breast, grabbing his heart and threatening to kill him unless Stefan reveals his activities with Klaus. Stefan admits that he knows of a way to end vampire life, and that Connor’s scar holds the secret. Damon, in disbelief, lets Stefan go.

In the trees, Elena, Stefan, and Damon.

Later, while digging a cemetery in the forests for Connor, Elena breaks down in tears. They (Damon and Stefan) attempt to comfort her, but she will have none of it. When they return to the lodging house, the siblings decide not to inform Elena that she ruined her opportunity to revert to human form. Damon says he’ll help Stefan locate a new hunter if he has a strategy, but he has one question: Is Stefan trying to heal Elena because he can’t love her if she stays a vampire, or because Elena isn’t cut out to be a vampire? Although Stefan promises eternal love, Elena shouldn’t be a vampire. Damon says he doesn’t care either way, so he’ll only assist discover the solution for Stefan if he needs to.

As Damon and Bonnie

The book We All Go Crazy! Occasionally, Damon will show up at the Gilbert residence after being summoned there by Elena; he often questions why Elena didn’t simply contact Stefan. As the younger Salvatore enters, Elena confesses she doesn’t believe Stefan at the time, and Damon confirms that he contacted Stefan. As soon as Elena gets out of the shower, she has another delusion in which Damon is Connor. Suddenly, she runs out of the home, and Klaus follows, grabbing her and speeding off. After running into Damon and Stefan, Bonnie is asked to assist them in lifting the jinx from Elena. She explains that the spirits won’t allow her to perform such sorcery in order to lift the spell, but that perhaps Shane can.

Damon has Alaric on the brain.

Damon later waits for Bonnie and Shane in Alaric’s former classroom, and during that time he reflects on his buddy in the quiet solitude he finds there. Damon shows the professor the sketch of the hunter’s mark and asks if he is familiar with the Hunter’s Curse, and then Bonnie and Shane enter. If a hunter is slain by the thing he pursues, Shane says, the murderer will wander the world in agony until a new hunter is born and the heritage is carried on. Damon understands this necessitates Jeremy’s participation, so he and Bonnie tell him the spell can only be lifted if he kills a vampire. Stefan dials Damon’s number to beg him to track down the evasive Elena.

Eventually, he tracks her down to Wickery Bridge, where she finally realises he’s not a dream. Just in time, Jeremy and Stefan murder the mutant Chris, putting a stop to Elena’s dreams. Even though Damon is glad, he quickly recognises that they now have a new issue on their hands: Elena has abandoned her daytime ring, and it is now morning. When her flesh begins to burn, she panics and Damon pulls her off the overpass and throws her into the ocean below.

Damon tells Elena that he retrieved the daybreak band from the river so that she can wear it again when she wakes up later that night in her own bed. She gratefully accepts his hand and tells him how much he means to her. As the closeness of the two of them grows, he realises the uncomfortableness of the situation and draws back, explaining that the reason Stefan has been so secretive recently is because there is a solution.

This is a conversation between Matt and Damon.

After learning more about the incident at the Young estate, Matt returns to the Grill to tell Damon what he has learned. Matt chose to have Sheriff Forbes examine the minister’s phone records after learning from April that the pastor knew Professor Shane, who strangely knew about the hunter’s mark and misfortune. In the last month of his life, the minister had called Shane’s workplace every day, and on the day of the blast, he made ten calls to that number.

Damon figures prominently in the discussion that follows Stefan and Elena’s breakup. They have a conversation about confidence, and how Elena has been leaning on Damon instead of Stefan. Elena says that her feelings for Damon as a human have only intensified since she became a vampire. Once Stefan’s doubts were verified, he ended things, and Elena agreed.

Damon returns Elena’s gaze.

Damon finds out in My Brother’s Keeper that Stefan and Elena have broken up. He tries to lend Stefan his backing, but Stefan ignores him. Caroline finds it odd that Elena changed her mind and agreed with Damon about the outfit April should wear to the Miss Mystic Falls contest later on. Elena exits the chamber with him and descends the steps with him. He informs her that he is aware of the breakup but regrets to inform her that he is unable to express regret. As a result of hearing that Damon was the cause of their breakup, he is taken aback. After staring at each other for a while, Shane finally breaks the silence by asking to speak to Damon. Damon walks away while giving Elena a half-smile. Damon goes outside and charges Shane of persuading the minister to blow up the meeting after avoiding the problem for a while. Shane gives him the cold shoulder and then leaves.

Damon has a talk with Shane.

Later, when Elena expresses concern about Jeremy, Damon reassures her that he’ll be alright. Damon calls Stefan to verify that he, in fact, has Jeremy with him and is encouraging him to murder vampires. He eventually tracks down Tyler and raises suspicions about Hayley’s conversation with the lecturer. Once again cornered, the professor promises to murder Shane unless he discloses the identity of another hunter; instead, Shane reveals that the assistance of a Bennett sorceress is required to access the remedy.

Kissing: Elena and Damon.

Damon and Elena look at each other and grin during the contest performance event. Once Stefan has gone to sleep for the night, Elena transfers into the lodging house because she no longer feels secure with Jeremy. Elena shares with Jeremy, Stefan, and Caroline over beverages her concerns about whether or not she is suited to the life of a vampire, as well as the pressure her new vampire status has placed on their relationships. Damon replies that he’s never seen her so energetic. The two recall their dance from the previous year’s contest, and after Elena confesses she wished to perform with Damon earlier, he gets up and extends his hand. They begin with a languid, sensual dance, which quickly develops into intense embracing and clothes-ripping before they eventually engage in their first sexual encounter. After returning to Caroline’s, Stefan and Caroline make the connection that Elena is Damon’s offspring.

There’s Damon and Elena.

At the beginning of We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street, Damon is waking up the morning after he and Elena have completed their relationship. He tells Elena he’s pleased, and they make love once more. When Elena goes off to school, Damon has one last request: that they hold off on telling Stefan about them for just one more day. Just as Elena is about to leave, Stefan comes in and challenges Damon with his father link hypothesis. Damon is angry at Stefan for bringing it up and wants to write it off entirely, but Stefan doesn’t want anything more than for Damon to put his hypothesis to the test by having Elena consume from a blood bag again, with the added emphasis that it would make Damon very pleased. Although Damon grudgingly decides to give it a shot, he makes it plain that if Stefan is incorrect, he should feel terrible. Damon presents Elena with a blood container when he visits her at Elena’s school. She initially has her doubts, but is relieved to find that she can consume it without any discomfort. Damon is disappointed by the apparent confirmation of the father connection, but he doesn’t tell Elena about it.

Damon and Stefan visit the Big Easy

Damon goes back to the lodging house to go through his old belongings, and Stefan comes across him while he’s there. Damon describes a similar experience he had in 1942 in New Orleans, when he fathered a daughter called Charlotte. He had gone to a sorceress by the name of Valerie LaMarche in hopes that she could assist him break the spell. The two brothers recall their short reunion in 1942 before Stefan departed for the war as they travel to New Orleans in search of a solution to their present predicament. They travel to the French Quarter, where their arguments over Elena’s relationship with Damon and the father link resume.

Couple: Charlotte and Damon

Damon can’t recall the location of the witch’s store, so they head to the address he wrote down in 1942. Damon confesses that the last time he saw Charlotte, he instructed her to count every stone in every building in New Orleans and he’d meet her at the intersection of Bourbon and Dumaine—and he was gone by morning, prompting Stefan to propose that they go looking for her. After Stefan makes a remark about the actual nature of the father bond, he and Elena retreat to the corner to resume their discussion of how to deal with the situation and how to break the news to Elena. Frustrated and furious at Stefan, Damon storms off to the bar for a few drinks to vent off pressure, but on the way, he is assaulted by yet another vampire. When Stefan comes running to Damon’s rescue, he finds out that it was actually Charlotte who had assaulted him with a kiss. She admits she has spent her life numbering New Orleans’s stones, but claims she is not insane and has experienced more than just that. Damon and Stefan ask for her assistance in locating the witch’s store.

With Nandi in his sights, Damon finally speaks up.

Later, they visit a store and ask Nandi, the proprietor, for a ritual that can sever a vampire’s connection with his father. Damon is adamant that Val, the sorceress, possessed a grimoire with a ritual to do it, and he recalls a visit to the store he made in 1942, during which Val informed him of a hex that necessitated the offering of 12 human lives. Nandi claims that she never uses magic and that Hurricane Katrina destroyed her grandmother’s grimoires. Damon remembers a youthful girl named Nandi working in Val’s store, so he deduces that she must have used magic to delay her ageing before the brothers depart. After Damon storms back into the store demanding assistance, she uses her powers to inflict agony on him until Stefan intervenes and they are able to return to talking terms. According to Nandi, her mother had used Damon to tap into the residual energy from the offering and perform “Expression” sorcery. She also explains that a vampire can only form a father connection with her creator if she already had affections for him as a human, and that vampirism only amplifies those sentiments. The only way out of the connection is for both parties to cut off all contact with each other forever; he must never see her again, and she must learn to move on with her life without him.

As Damon and Stefan

Damon does all he can to let Charlotte go before he and his brother depart New Orleans, assuring her that it would make him glad if she could forget about him and start her own life. He abandons her in favour of Stefan, who expresses concern that Damon lacks the selflessness necessary to treat Elena with the same devotion. In response, Damon reveals the true reason he abandoned Stefan on the day they were supposed to depart for war in 1942: Lexi had persuaded him that Stefan would be better off without him, and that he should put Stefan’s needs before his own. Stefan seems moved by the news and reassures Damon that regaining Elena’s autonomy is his top priority.

How does this make you feel?

After a night out with the ladies, Damon returns to the lodging house to discover Elena tidying up. She’s well-versed in the father connection and curious to know if he and Stefan have cracked the code on severing it. Damon suggests there is no easy solution, but before he can attempt to liberate her, she asserts that she is content and that the father connection has no effect on their relationship. Damon, however, is of the contrary opinion and insists that he must do what is “right” for Elena because of his affection for her, despite the fact that he rarely does so in general. Elena takes Damon’s hand and presses it to her chest as she argues, and the two of them gaze at one another, thinking aloud about the future of their relationship and how to tell reality from fiction.

Damon wakes up in bed next to Elena in O Come, All Ye Faithful. He didn’t abandon her to break the father connection, but neither would he have intercourse with her. They instead chose to sleep next to each other while completely dressed. Damon still feels responsible for breaking his word to Stefan. Elena challenges a hesitant Damon to send her away by insisting that their relationship is genuine to her. He changes the subject by bringing up the fact that Stefan is unaware of their sexual encounter. As they were about to embrace after discussing next steps, Elena’s phone rang. Elena claims to have an appointment with Bonnie, who is attempting to dissuade Jeremy from killing her. Elena enquires as to Damon’s attendance.

At the Lake House, Elena and Damon have finally arrived.

When Elena and Damon arrive at the Gilbert family lake house, they find Jeremy cutting wood. Damon notices Shane lingering in the entryway after Bonnie has taken a nervous Jeremy inside, and he expresses his confusion openly. Jeremy’s hunting nature has been reprogrammed, and Elena tells him she asked him to assist. As the home is now in Jeremy’s name, he will have to extend an invitation if they wish to enter. Immediately after, he attempts to stab Elena. They have their job cut out for them, but she quickly disarms him.

Elena’s gentle kiss on Damon’s face.

A while later, Stefan contacts Damon to report the disappearance of the blade. Damon casually proposes two strategies involving the murder of Tyler in order to delay the plot to execute Klaus. Stefan shifts gears and questions Damon, delicately, “Do you know where Elena is?” because he is worried that Damon has abandoned her since they returned from New Orleans. Possibly assisting deprogram Jeremy is mentioned in Damon’s cryptic response. After the initial effort to mesmerise Jeremy fails, Elena rests on the pier and comments to Damon on how odd it is that she was so in love with Stefan the last time she’d been there, but that she hardly remembers him now. She expresses her curiosity as to whether or not this was due to her father connection with Damon. In addition to making Damon feel uneasy, their discussion has given him a new idea: instead of attaching Jeremy’s “detour emotions” to the person he wishes to murder, Shane should have picked someone else. He then enters the house and proposes that whenever Jeremy has the urge to murder Elena, they use Bonnie as a distraction.


Elena and Shane have their connection with Damon discussion outside. Damon stops them to endanger Shane’s life (again), but Shane deflects his attention by revealing that he already knows where the antidote is hidden because he has been there. Shane then explains to Damon and Elena that Silas was imprisoned with the remedy, and that they must rescue both him and Elena in order to retrieve the antidote. Upon completion, Jeremy’s brand will include the necessary incantation to unearth Silas. As leverage against Damon murdering him, he declines to disclose Silas’ position. Damon gives Stefan a call to tell him they can put the blade back in storage. Damon is finally alone with Elena, and he shares his hypothesis that Shane planned the attack on the Young estate. When the minister asks Shane for help with his depression, Shane comes in and explains that the pastor is seeking divine intervention. Jeremy and Bonnie walk in, eager to put Jeremy’s authority over Elena to the test. When Damon moves in between Jeremy and Elena, Jeremy looks to Bonnie for backup and then gives Damon the wooden stick he was holding. In an instant, Jeremy stretches out to Elena and gives her a bear embrace.

Damon gives Elena a friendly grin.

Damon sat on the balcony and observed as Elena and Jeremy looked through the Christmas decorations to determine which ones to take home. Elena pulled out the fake mistletoe and leaned in for a kiss, but Damon resisted. He remarked how nice it was to see her interacting normally with her sibling. It’s something he hopes to give to her. Of course, the reality is that Damon desires that with his sibling as well. He longs for the days when he and Stefan could share in the joy of Christmas together. Damon was prepared to act responsibly, so he instructed her to return home. He plans to spend the night with Jeremy and show him the ropes of vampire hunting, self-defense, and murder while she’s away. “Basically, I’m letting you go free, Elena. My expectations have been met. For me, this is the key to joy “His words.

We saw Jeremy give Bonnie an embrace and a thank you after they had to part ways. Elena would be driven home by Bonnie. Elena had informed Damon that she was ready to battle him on this issue, but now her entire body was screaming at her to get in the vehicle and abandon him. The two shared a farewell embrace. They felt the kiss, which was simple and gentle, but she couldn’t make sense of the strong impulse to leave him alone. In spite of the unexpected embrace, Damon was still disappointed that he had to send her away.

The mind of Damon.

While Damon listened to what must have been Elena’s hundredth message, Jeremy and Matt tanked it out on the lakeshore in After School Special. The lesson Jeremy hoped Damon would teach him was that he is still no match for a vampire, despite his best efforts. For the third day in a succession, a pizza delivery lady showed up. Despite the lads’ pleading, Damon informed her she was not welcome back. Damon wanted to get Jeremy and Matt to sprint around the lake twice so he could complete that message from Elena, who misses him and wishes he’d let her come to him.

To put it simply, Damon guns Klaus.

Later, while Damon probed Elena’s disposition, Jeremy rehearsed methodically loading a pistol. Klaus intervened because he was curious as to how many vampires Jeremy had taken out. To discover a remedy and create more mutants, he requires that hunter’s brand to expand (since he just murdered 12 of them). Damon stated that Jeremy was not prepared, and Klaus offered his assistance. Damon then discharged two shots into Klaus, telling Jeremy to observe and learn. Damon said, “That was meant for Carol Lockwood.”

Among the trees, Damon and Klaus chat.

Damon, meanwhile, can be found carving away in the forests near Gilbert’s lake home. Claus gets his vampire on. Strangely, he seems unbothered by the fact that Damon fired him. The hunter’s imprint on Jeremy is more of a concern for him. He recommends converting more locals so that Jeremy can eliminate more potential targets and expand the brand. In his reluctance, Damon does the right thing by not engaging harmless bystanders, but Klaus charges him of doing so to placate Elena. Despite popular belief, Damon does not refute this. So Klaus informs him that he has begun developing the plan. The pizza lady in town becomes his first casualty. He’d turned her and forced her to visit Jeremy earlier that night. Pizza Lady claims she’s having vehicle problems and taps on Jeremy’s door while Klaus and Damon relax in the woods. Little Gilbert is too forthright, telling her that he is about to take a shower and inviting her inside to wait for the technician. Before you can utter “additional pepperoni, please,” the pizza lady has already attacked Matt. Jeremy heard the fight and came in to claim her. Damon joins them as they observe Jeremy’s scar healing.

A uplifting phone conversation between Elena and Damon, in which Elena expresses her emotions for Damon, helped to lift Elena’s spirits. She tells him she adores him for the first time. He said he’d find a way to help her get better, even if it meant doing things she wouldn’t approve of. Next, he extended an invitation for her to visit. After Klaus turned most of the bar’s regulars into vampires, Jeremy, Matt, and Damon showed up. He anticipated Damon would persuade Klaus there was a better way to proceed. Damon responded, “Well, I thought about it, and then I realised his plan was superior.”

Damon assures Elena that he will watch out for Jeremy.

Damon initially reacted negatively to Jeremy’s plan to hide from the recently transformed vampires in the upcoming episode, Capture Me If You Can, but eventually grew to care about Jeremy and Matt. Damon threatened to slow the vampires down by ripping out one of their hearts. Of course Elena was mad at Damon when she arrived, but she let him spend the day hunting with Jeremy while she took Matt home. Returning to the tavern in search of the new vampires, Damon and Jeremy set out once more. “I’m attempting to keep you living, imbecile,” Damon informed Jeremy. Following the path of blood, they entered and discovered a mass grave. And there was Kol, looking as lovable as ever. When he offered the men a drink, blood was still on his palms. “He’s young, and I don’t like you,” Damon joked.

Damon is pressured by Kol to murder Jeremy.

Getting right to the point, Kol warned them that discovering the remedy could lead to Silas’s waking. But Damon didn’t give a hoot. So Kol continued: He stumbled across a gathering of Silas’ disciples a couple hundred years ago. Even an eternal should be wary of the rumours that Silas will return to bring about the end of the world. To put it simply, he killed them all. He can’t just stand by while the quest for a remedy unfolds. Kol was afraid of taking Jeremy’s life and becoming a victim of the hunter’s misfortune. Therefore, he made the decision to amputate his limbs. I think you’ve come up with a brilliant idea. Damon urged Jeremy to flee while he confronted Kol. So that Kol could be sure that Damon could be forced, he had Damon progressively stake himself. Even though Damon wouldn’t be able to recall it, Kol had instructed him to track down Jeremy and eliminate him.

Damon pulls out the gunpowder and projectile.

Damon eventually tracked down Elena to inquire about Jeremy’s whereabouts. Where is Matt, she asked? “At the Restaurant,” she replied. Damon advised him to make amends with Jeremy for being so harsh. When Damon and Jeremy met eye to eye at the Restaurant, Jeremy got the distinct impression that Damon was hiding something from him. He was about to follow Jeremy when Elena shouted his name. He warned Elena that he would murder Jeremy if he ever caught up with the latter, saying that he would only do so because Kol had forced him to. When Connor took captives at the Grill, he discovered Jeremy down in the passageways.

When he heard, he followed. That Damon was screaming ahead to Jeremy to warn him to flee and get out of there because he was coming and going to murder him is delightfully eerie. When Jeremy got a laceration on his hand in the passageways, he paused to haemorrhage on his overcoat. It didn’t take long for Damon to pick up the scent of the lure on Jeremy’s clothing, and Jeremy promptly pounced him. Damon sunk his teeth into Jeremy’s bicep and threw him. Damon claimed that Jeremy was too dumb to battle in close proximity. Jeremy decided it was “worth a chance,” so he fired two shots at Damon’s midsection. Since Damon knows Jeremy will pursue him no matter what, he instructed him to kill him in the heart. “Do it. Do it, “Says Damon. In an apparent attempt to kill Jeremy, he charged the latter and discharged a gun.

Prom conversation between Caroline and Damon

Then Damon witnesses Stefan and Elena dancing, and his heart breaks all over again. Caroline is standing alone and Damon is next to her with a liquor in his hand. She complains that the prom is awful and that she doesn’t want her senior year to end this way. He gives her a sympathetic look and some liquor. Well, if anyone questions, I’ll be at the after party,” she says after taking a drink. Just then, Bonnie bursts in to inform the Salvatore brothers that Silas has been masquerading as Jeremy in her visions. April steps up to the mic to crown this year’s prom king and queen in Mystic Falls, and the discussion is abruptly halted. Damon insists Elena is safer in a group of people, so he rejects Stefan’s suggestion that they transport her home. April then makes the big reveal: Matt Donovan and Bonnie Bennett are the lucky victors! And Damon and the others join me in offering our congratulations. Damon is getting absolutely smashed. Damon starts grilling Stefan about how he was interacting with his partner out there on the dance floor as soon as Stefan joins them. And Stefan, not wanting to be a jerk to Damon, says, “I mean, I don’t intend to be a jackass, Damon, but Elena and I have history. The partnership was filled with memories, laughter, and ups and downs. What you had was a one-night affair that was likely the product of a father connection. Damon vampiricly rushes in for an assault, but Stefan stabs him and says, “Your psyche is a dark and fascinating realm, Damon.” As Damon crumples to the ground, holding his stomach in pain, he mumbles, “Silas. Who are you, a clairvoyant, and where is my brother? While walking through the woodlands, Silas nonchalantly mentions that Stefan is also experiencing some discomfort. With a touch on Damon’s shoulder, he turns and leaves.

Elena is taken by Stefan and Damon.

Damon, recovering from the trauma he received at the hands of Silas, is out in the forests looking for his younger sibling. To his surprise, he discovers Stefan trapped against a tree. Let me guess: a very good-looking guy approached you and introduced himself as? In this case, Damon is the one making light of the situation. Damon hurries to Elena’s side as she cries out “Damon, aid!” as Bonnie attempts to murder her. Stefan asks her kindly if she’s alright, and Bonnie loses it, saying, “I almost perished, the husk of my closest friend almost killed me, none of this is acceptable!” The Salvatores give Elena vervain injections after realising she is too frail to fight back. Stefan suggests a “Plan B.” As Damon and Elena are putting Elena in the basement of the Salvatore mansion, they discover a Plan C by chance. One of those “annoyingly human feelings” is fear. Damon mulls, “I could see it in her gaze.” A death sentence seemed inevitable to Elena. It was clear that she was terrified. Damon is hesitant to partner up with Bonnie because of Silas’ impact on the sorceress, but the two decide to work together to make Elena’s life a living misery from this point forward. Damon then inquires as to what Silas had said to deceive Stefan out of his trust. Stefan brushes it off, explaining that the phoney Damon had brought him out to the trees by claiming to have seen Silas. Damon lies to Stefan when he inquires about the incident, saying, “[He] chatted about his hair.” I was expecting you to say that. With a fake smile, Stefan leads the way upstairs.


Elena is still operating in a “no humanity zone” in The Originals. Damon and Stefan look at each other in confusion as Katherine enters. She believes that the vampire girl, Hayley, will permanently remove Klaus from their existence. Damon later gives Elena blood with vervain in it. He’s hoping she’ll get frustrated with him or afraid of him. According to Elena, the race to the finish line to see who cracks first will be exciting to watch.

Damon manipulates Elena’s thoughts.

In She’s Come Undone, Damon tries to use his unique vampire mental tactics to bring back old Elena, the girl who has feelings/has humanity, by showing her all the regular things she’s losing out on, like high school, etc., but it doesn’t work. The made-up term “intervention-ing” is used by Caroline as she attempts to “intervene” in Elena’s life and “re-normalize” her behaviour. She has come around to Stefan and Damon’s more forceful strategies when their less confrontational approaches fail.

Damon and Stefan resort to painful measures, exposing Elena to flames, to return her to her previous state. They’re counting on Elena’s natural terror response to motivate her to revert to her former self. Before Damon can come to terms with that disagreeable reality, Elena states, “I’ll detest both of you for it.” To get to the bottom of Elena, the Salvatore siblings are using her anger as a stepping stone. Damon’s father connection and the reality that she abandoned Stefan are the focus of her attacks instead. After being threatened with harm by the brothers, Elena outwits them by opening the drapes and setting fire to herself, demonstrating to them that they wouldn’t harm her. They’ve exhausted all other options, and Stefan’s plan to bring in Katherine to frighten Elena into showing some compassion was their last recourse. Damon and Matt form a partnership to track down Elena after she flees the Salvatore cell with the help of Katherine.

Soon after Matt discovers Elena, she begins devouring him, only stopping when Damon and Stefan show up. to murder her best companion if she doesn’t change her human settings. Elena shoots back, “You’re lying,” and Damon shatters Matt’s neck. Finally, the dispassionate ghoul is moved to tears by this. Damon tells her that her acquaintance is currently sporting the Gilbert band while she is still in disbelief that Matt is actually gone. Both Matt and Damon had been plotting this for some time. It was because of them that Elena was able to regain her compassion.

At least five patients at the hospital had been emptied of nearly all of their blood, which is why Damon and Stefan found themselves at the hospital in The Walking Dead in order to bring Sheriff Forbes up to speed on Silas. They thought he was preparing for something and eating a lot. A little later, Elena expressed interest in joining Damon on a hunt for Bonnie. Specifically, she pressed him to reveal the whereabouts of Katherine. Damon did in the end since she is now with Bonnie. He didn’t want Elena to go underground for fear that Katherine would murder her or that Elena would kill Katherine and then experience too much emotion. Damon and Elena had just entered the house. So, Elena impaled him and continued on her way.

It was a happy reunion for Alaric and Damon.

Alaric strode up to Damon as he laboured in the corridor above to remove the spike from his stomach. Asking if we “need a help,” he elaborated. While Alaric successfully removed the spike, there was a minor snag: Damon wasn’t entirely convinced it wasn’t Silas. So, “this is either really excellent or really terrible,” Damon said. It was nice to see you, too, Damon,” Alaric replied. He demonstrated it was him by producing a container of their preferred alcoholic beverage from Compartment 42. They were both hugging each other. Not everyone has a cause to return to Mystic Falls now that Alaric has informed Damon that the curtain is down only within the triangle. Later, Damon instructed Alaric to track down Stefan.

Damon ran into Silas while he was disguised as Alaric and wearing a choker. Bonnie used her powers to transform Silas into stone once more, just like Qetsiyah had. According to Bonnie, he was already on the path to becoming himself. At the time, Alaric and Damon were probably drinking and burying Silas. Damon speculated that Alaric had scaled back, and Alaric anticipated that Damon would look after the kids. The medicine was in Silas’ pocket, and Alaric gave it to Damon. To be honest, Damon had no idea what to do with it. “Go after the female,” Alaric instructed.

Damon and Elena

Damon is shot by Vaughn, who uses a firearm laced with werewolf poison on Commencement Day. Due to Stefan ripping his heart out, Vaughn is momentarily immobilised. Elena rejects Damon’s offer of the remedy, despite his insistence that she accept it. Realizing that the father connection has been severed. Once Elena learns that Damon is ailing, she and Jeremy both recommend that he accept the remedy; however, Damon declines, prompting Vaughn to start digging for Silas. Stefan says that Damon’s dragging his feet because they haven’t yet relocated Silas. Alaric arrives just in time to save Damon from Vaughn’s attempted murder, tosses Vaughn into the lake, and takes the remedy once more.

Damon is later shown to be healthy again after receiving treatment from Klaus. Damon said he was good after Elena struck him, and Alaric was pleased and Lexi laughed. Damon, who was positioned in front of the hearth, professed regret but ultimately concluded he bore no remorse. He preferred death to life as a person for two reasons: he didn’t want to mature, and he didn’t want to watch her stay the same age. He claimed to be self-centered and that an apology couldn’t possibly cover all the ways in which he was incorrect for her. Elena added that she would not be apologising either. She’s glad she crossed paths with him. She is not saddened by the fact that he gave her a greater sense of vitality in mortality. She is unapologetic about her affection for him, despite the fact that she understands this is the worst choice she could possibly make. She finally told him, “I adore you, Damon.” They embrace, kissing fiercely.

Damon arrives as Stefan is placing Silas’ corpse in the back of his vehicle. Once they establish that the pit is indeed deep enough to contain Silas’ corpse, Damon offers to accompany Stefan on the journey, but Stefan declines, stating that Lexi will be travelling with him instead. Stefan informs Damon, as the latter returns indoors, that he isn’t happy with Elena’s decision but isn’t upset for her and Damon either. Damon says “thank you” to his sibling and then returns indoors. The moon is full, and Alaric can see that the rite can now commence. Alaric, as Damon serves them beverages, boasts about his success in snagging the lady. Damon, he warns, had best not botch it. With Alaric watching out for him, Damon says he wouldn’t. There is no sign of Alaric when he turns around.

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