The Vampire Diaries (season 6) Damon Salvatore


I’ll Remember takes place four months after the deaths of Damon and Bonnie. Elena is seen consuming unique plants that cause her to imagine Damon because she cannot accept his demise. She tells him about her day and inquires about his. Damon makes a jest about Alaric’s reincarnation into a university lecturer. They share a hearty guffaw before locking arms. Damon later questions if Elena isn’t hallucinating Damon in a vehicle because he knows Bonnie would concur with Luke that Elena needs to move on if she were to visit Bonnie. Elena has pleaded with him to keep quiet about it.

Whenever Elena is feeling down, Damon is there to cheer her up.

After realising that the plants she’s been taking have made her extremely parched, Elena accepts a drink of water from a stranger she meets on the road. Elena exits the vehicle to provide instructions but is met with a vicious neck bite. Damon cautions Elena to take it easy, stating that she came close to killing the previous vampire and the two before that. Elena states that she is still ravenous and proceeds. Caroline later interrupts her and questions her about her actions. When Elena returns to her vehicle after her conversation with Caroline, Damon is there to console her.

The Vampire Diaries (season 6) Damon Salvatore

Location of Damon and Bonnie’s mystery outing.

Later, at the tomb, Elena drinks another concoction of her plants and claims that Damon is an illusion created by her mind. She claims that being in his presence has made her more prone to causing harm to others. If she feels the need, he encourages her to leave. Elena expresses her gratitude to him for rescuing Stefan and Alaric and providing her such a thrilling, exciting love. As they part ways, she bids him farewell. Elena gives him a passionate kiss, but even after she breaks apart from him, he remains. Then he begins warning her that she will suffer unending pain and sorrow if she ever returns to Luke. She destroys the tomb and then breaks down sobbing. The situation with Damon has not changed. Damon and Bonnie make an appearance at the episode’s close. He prepares brunch for Bonnie, and while they both grin, he doesn’t reveal their location.

Damon and Bonnie put up the signs of the other side’s devastation.

When Damon and Bonnie disappeared, the mystery was solved in Yellow Ledbetter. The show picks up right where the Season 5 conclusion left off, in the house. After the sudden illumination from Beyond. There is no difference when Damon and Bonnie open their eyes. They are still there, but they appear to be completely alone in the woods. As they enter Mystic Falls, Damon recognises his undead status. Despite Damon’s best efforts an hour ago, the Mystic Restaurant is still operational. It appears that no one is around.

It’s 1994, and Damon and Bonnie can’t get out.

After looking for a while, Damon and Bonnie observe that none of the vehicles look more than 20 years old, despite being brand new. They find Elena’s home, which was not completely destroyed in the fire, and Damon reads the news in it. On this day in 1994, we can mark the passage of time as May 10. In Bonnie’s mind, it’s exactly one week until the big event. A sun eclipse occurs out of the blue. Bonnie tells Damon that her grandmother once told her that she had to suffer before she could rest in serenity. Damon may have followed along when they clasped hands as the portal to the Other Side closed, but she believes that if sorcery brought them there, it can also bring them home. Bonnie puts her spells to the test, but her power is nonexistent.

When Damon thinks of Elena, he has fond memories.

Damon is cooking waffles, drinking alcohol, and dancing to Salt N’ Pepa’s “What a Man” when Bonnie returns home later. Her grandmother’s home is vacant, but she managed to salvage a grimoire in the hopes of relearning how to perform magic. Once more, the publication places the date of May 10, 1994. As if out of nowhere, another sun eclipse occurs, and they are both caught off guard. Damon is subsequently seen in a reflective mood as he recalls an affectionate moment with Elena. Bonnie admits to him over supper that she misses her family and friends, too. Damon sees that Bonnie solved the difficult puzzle riddle at last (Yellow ledbetter). To the contrary, she did not. None of them filled it in, but it looks like they did. They figure out that there are other people around after all.

Damon and Bonnie go shopping for groceries.

Damon and Bonnie do some food buying in the movie Welcome to Paradise. However, he refuses to accept the possibility that someone besides Bonnie completed the sudoku. Then she realises the pig rinds have been missing from the rack for the past four months. He never gets into an argument. Bonnie follows the sound of music outside and finds a child’s wheel in motion. Damon investigates the carousel’s beginning, hoping to find a mechanistic explanation. If there’s someone else there, Bonnie figures, it can’t be Damon’s purgatory, so maybe her grandmother placed them there and they can get out.

To Damon’s delight, he has found his Camaro.

Damon is in the middle of a tirade about how Bonnie can’t do anything without her powers when he spots his vehicle in the lot. He runs to seat in his vehicle, overjoyed to see it. Then he recalls the last time he saw Elena, right before she said “I love you.” He goes on to assure Bonnie that the first thing he will say to Elena upon his return is that he adores her. Someone, Damon realises, must have placed his vehicle there. They then both notice something in the space between the vehicles.

Damon and Kai talk.

After a thorough search of the parking lot, Damon and Bonnie determine that the object they initially thought was a vehicle was actually a sheet on a passing truck. After a predetermined amount of time, the wheel will begin spinning. For some reason, Damon is convinced that he abandoned his vehicle in the parking lot in 1984, and Bonnie has just completed the sudoku. He concludes that this implies they will be trapped forever. After seeing his hopelessness, Bonnie advises him to give up if he’s sincere. Damon walks into the vacant but well-stocked booze shop. As he looks around, he spots a person sitting in a reclining chair and consuming crisps. Kai, he says, offering Damon a pig skin.

The triumvirate of Damon, Bonnie, and Kai.

Damon loses his temper swiftly when he discovers that Kai has been tailing them. Kai suggests that Damon unwind with a beverage before continuing. While Kai admits that he wishes to murder Damon, he sips a lengthy glass of Damon’s favoured whisky from the rack. Damon takes a taste of his whisky and immediately coughs out vervain as he realises Kai has tainted it. Kai snaps an umbrella in half and drives each half through Damon’s hand as he lies bleeding on the floor. Damon recovers and chases after him, but Kai smashes all the whisky bottles with the umbrella, spraying vervain-laced liquid everywhere. Bonnie then makes an appearance. He mocks her by calling her “useless.” When Bonnie uses her powers to light a lamp, he is taken aback. She orders Damon to flee while she engulfs Kai in flame and puts him out of commission. When Kai comes to, he finds himself bound to a chair in front of Damon’s hearth. Kai argues that he should be considered a member of their group. He had no doubt that Bonnie would succeed in her mission to rescue Damon and regain her power. He thinks the only way out is for her to have powers.

As a result, Damon and Kai get into an argument.

Damon doesn’t want to speak about the worst act he’s ever done, which happened on May 10, 1994, and Kai in Black Hole Sun is desperate to know what it was. But now he’s starting to tell his tale. Damon with no empathy turns up at Stefan’s home in 1994, seeking forgiveness. Damon moves in with the Salvatores because the home’s proprietor, Zack, trusts Stefan to keep him in order. He goes on to describe Zach and Gail, the woman who was carrying his kid. Damon is probably responsible for the death of the expectant lady, according to Kai’s speculation. Damon pressures him further to spill the beans. Kai says that he recently recreated a mythical artefact called an ascendant in order to return home using the power of the eclipse. After informing Bonnie that his ancestors last had it in the Pacific Northwest, he requests that she cast a tracking charm for him.

In this episode, Damon and Bonnie find out about Kai’s history.

Bonnie’s tracking charm succeeds later and zeroes in on Mystic Falls and an object very near to her. When she reaches for Kai’s pocket, he admits that he was ahead. He claims that they were putting Bonnie’s powers to the test again. Damon’s mood brightens when Kai reports that Bonnie is packed and ready to go home. Through the rising, Kai looks at the sun. Bonnie sees a story that says, “Family Massacred in Portland,” in the local newspaper. Malachai, their 22-year-old son, is presumed dead along with the rest of his family. While it’s true that many people perished, Kai notes that he was particularly close to one of his sisters. Even though he has no supernatural abilities, he informs Bonnie and Damon with gusto about how he killed his clan brothers. The Gemini cabal, he claims, cast him out here. It’s obvious to Bonnie that this location was built specifically as a jail for Kai, and he confirms her suspicions “Yes. Damon, this is not purgatory as you know it. I own it.”

Damon examines a photograph of himself and Stefan.

Bonnie tells Damon they have to keep Kai locked up. Damon is asked by Kai’s mother if the murder of an expectant woman isn’t more shocking than the murder of her children. Next, Damon admits that he was responsible for the deaths of the expectant ladies. He claims that killing Zack, who constantly reminded him of Damon’s evil, was a huge weight off his shoulders. Damon, who also laments his sibling, is shown looking at a picture of the two of them together at night.

As a result of Kai, Damon is rendered paralysed.

Damon later comes across Bonnie while she is chowing down on waffles. She points out to Damon that he has been making waffles every day since Gail enjoyed them. He’s better than Kai because, according to her, he’s torturing himself out of regret. Initially, Damon proposes they steal the rising from Kai, but Kai secretly approaches to explain why that plan won’t work. He lacks permanent access to power but can borrow it from others. He seizes Bonnie and uses her magic to immobilise Damon as he presents his choice: he can either murder them both and use Bonnie’s magic to return home, or they can all go home together.

Damon can’t wait to get back to work.

To celebrate his homecoming, Damon plans a date with Elena in The Earth Has Changed and Abandoned Me Here. Bonnie, on the other hand, is doubtful because she still doesn’t believe Kai. Then, Kai welcomes them and tells Damon to excavate down into the passageways so that they can wait out the eclipse there while Bonnie casts the enchantment. Still not telling Bonnie about the ritual, Kai goes out to collect necessary components.

In this case, it’s Bonnie who ends Kai’s life.

Damon completes the opening, and Kai returns with his belongings. Bonnie begs him to show her the incantation, but he won’t. Therefore, she challenges him to steal her power. He reaches out to grasp her, but she reassures Damon that it’s okay and that he won’t hurt her. After Bonnie is certain that Kai does not know the incantation, Kai abandons her. To finish off Kai, she casts a spell. Damon drinks his grief away because he believes Bonnie has destroyed their chance of returning home by murdering Kai. Bonnie studies a book of spells. Bonnie hypothesises that her Grams sent them to Kai’s jail because the Gemini Coven cast a Bennett hex to create it. With a few words of an incantation, she releases Kai from his ascension. Kai couldn’t murder her because he required a Bennett sorceress to activate the rising, she concludes. Seeing that the eclipse is about to begin, Damon and Bonnie prepare to cast the magic.

Damon and Bonnie are having a moment when Kai barges in.

Once inside the passageway, Bonnie places a few droplets of blood on the rising and starts chanting. Damon takes her hand after the leader replies. While she was preparing to cast the magic, a projectile struck her in the shoulder. When Damon looks back, he sees a crossbow in the hands of a very much alive Kai. He claims he has repeatedly attempted suicide in this realm without success. Damon hurries to Bonnie and begins feeding her his blood, but then he has to hurry to Kai when Kai lunges for the dominant. While Bonnie crawls towards the rising on the ground, Kai stabs Damon in the ribcage with an arrow.

Damon goes back out into the world.

Kai continues to manipulate the projectile in Damon as they continue to struggle. Bonnie ascends to the top spot. Damon, she assures him, will survive even though she will not. By means of her spells, she knocks Kai off of Damon and pulls him into the eclipse’s bright spot. When Damon yells at her to halt, she throws him the rising. Damon is teleported to the actual world as the portal opens and the magic takes effect.

There is a reconciliation between Damon and Stefan.

After Damon’s passing, Stefan visits him in the family mausoleum to speak about his depression. When asked how he’s doing without Damon, he admits he’s disoriented and struggling to begin again. He tosses his bottle, and Damon catches it, much to his astonishment. After being gone for a while, Damon remarked, “What, I’m gone a couple months, you think it’s ok to squander a perfectly fine container of whisky.” Damon gives him his word that he’s returned for good. Unable to process what he is seeing, Stefan reaches out and caresses Damon. Both are overcome with emotion and embrace each other closely.

In this case, we have Damon and Stefan.

The next chapter in The More You Neglect Me, The Closer I Get picks up right where the last one left off. Damon and Stefan embrace, with Damon telling Stefan how much he, too, has missed him. He then proceeds to tell him about his time trapped in 1994 with Bonnie and how she made the ultimate effort to allow him to return. Instead of reliving their grief over her death, they inform others that Bonnie was never there with him. After that, he claims he must leave immediately to see Elena. But Stefan interrupts and explains to him how she feels compelled to block out her feelings for Damon. The news stuns Damon, but he reassures Stefan that everything will be fine the second their eyes connect.

To see Damon is not an option for Elena.

Damon tries to visit Elena at college, but she refuses to let him into her apartment. He attempts to bring up their past together and tell her of how she really felt about him, despite the urge. When Elena goes to unlock the door, Damon says “It sounds like you’re taking a breath. No clue how long I waited to hear your exhalation.” Since this has made her nervous again, she has stopped. Damon continues to try, but ultimately decides to just declare he’s going to force the door open. When he approaches, Elena opens the door, but she escapes through a window. Damon then pays a call to Alaric in his workplace, where the latter greets him warmly before asking about his health. Damon exclaims ironically, “I’m amazing!” He disapproves of Alaric’s controlling behaviour towards Elena, but Alaric explains that Elena’s life was a disaster when he was away. When Elena is ready, he will release her from the obligation. Damon is unhappy, but he departs without a fight.

The duo of Damon and Tripp.

Damon later observes that in Elena’s college room, he can’t find any photos of himself. So, he selects Elena’s graduation photo and superimposes an animated version of himself on top of it. Jeremy walks in and demands an explanation for Bonnie’s absence. According to Damon, Bonnie is no longer suffering and has moved on to a better realm. After receiving a call from Elena, who announces that she is finally ready to meet with Damon because she knows she can’t continue avoiding him, Damon phones Bonnie to explain and express his gratitude. The girl begs Damon to visit her in her college room, and he falsely assures her that he will be there shortly. As Damon examines his reflection, the doorbell rings. Though he expects Elena to catch him, it is actually Tripp.

Damon and Enzo are spared thanks to Stefan’s heroics.

When Damon comes to, he finds himself bound in the back of Tripp’s truck with Enzo, who explains that Stefan is likely to blame for his current predicament because he didn’t inform Damon of the presence of a hunter in town. Nearing the boundary of Mystic Falls, Alaric flags down Tripp and begs for a ride. In the end, Tripp is the one who drives everyone across the boundary. Damon and Enzo are saved in time thanks to Stefan, but Alaric is lost. Unfortunately for Elena, Jo, the psychiatrist at Whitmore, rescues Alaric after he has gone human, rendering him unable to restore her memories.

Damon complains to Stefan over cocktails later about how happy Elena is and how unhappy he is. Stefan encourages him to visit Elena and find out what’s going on. Damon walks over to see her and taps on her door. Both of them heave a sigh of relief, and then Elena opens the door. When the show concludes, Damon and Elena finally meet face to face for the first time since he returned. Damon’s expression is one of wonderment and Elena’s is one of nervousness as they watch him.

After that, Damon visits Ric.

Damon and Elena will meet face to face for the first time since his return in the upcoming episode Do You Recall the First Time? Damon thinks Elena might be recalling something, but Elena says she only recalls the suffering he’s brought upon her loved ones. She apologises, explaining that she no longer has any emotions. Damon walks away, distraught. The urge would have gone off and Elena would have recalled adoring him if Alaric had actually perished, he says to Alaric during a later visit to the hospital. Then Jo shows up and lets Alaric go free to be her companion at the hospital’s benefit.

Damon and Elena shared a dance.

Damon and Alaric run into Jo and are both shocked to see each other at the charity event. Alaric makes fun of him, saying he must be here to follow Elena. When Elena comes in, she is not alone; Jo has just told Damon that Elena has a companion to the charity event, a man named Liam. When he meets Liam, he presents himself as Damon, and Elena has to break the news that Damon isn’t truly deceased. According to Damon, it was more of a “slow, painful demise” They are at a party, and he drags Liam away so that he can dance with Elena. Damon tells Elena during the dance about their first time dancing together at the Miss Mystic Falls contest and how they both got lost in the moment. She attempts to clarify once more that she can’t place them, and then she goes outside to clear her head. After some time has passed, however, Elena tracks down Damon and informs him she wishes to recall their past together. She begs him to return to the spot where she last professed her love.

With his best efforts, Damon prompts Elena to recall.

Damon brings her to the boundary of Mystic Falls, the last spot she told him she loved him. However, Elena claims she has no recollection of riding shotgun with him in the vehicle that hit the Restaurant. The ice machine at the hotel, the night of her high school graduation when she confessed her love for him, and, most of all, the summer night before she left for college when she took him to observe a meteor shower and it began pouring are all recounted by him. This is not working, Elena interrupts, and she admits that she sees only a stranger in him. Damon attempts to halt Elena from entering Mystic Falls, but she takes a long inhale and enters anyway. Her memories rush back, but it’s too late; she begins to sink in them. Damon pulls her back across in time, telling her that he won’t put her life in danger so she can always recall their love.

Recall the summer that changed their lives.

Elena informs Damon that she remembers a sliver of the meteor showers and the rain as they stroll back to her room. When she presses him for details, he tells her she’s better off without him and gives her space to go her separate way. When she inquires further about what transpired after the rain began, he fabricated an explanation about how they became drenched and dirty and had to return home by car. Damon, alone in the forests, recalls what occurred that rainy night under the stars. Despite her best efforts to wait for the downpour to cease, they kissed. As they continue to embrace passionately, she begs him to assure her that this time it will be different. When we return to the present, we find Damon strolling through the graveyard with a container of whisky in his hand, presumably to alleviate his grief. He then realises that Bonnie is still living because he spots her stuffed bear propped up against a tombstone.

Alaric and Damon make fun of Stefan for his crush on Caroline.

Damon, Stefan, and Alaric travel to Portland to meet with the Gemini clan in Fade Into You in the hopes that they can enlist their assistance in bringing Bonnie back from the dead. As they travel, Damon and Alaric make fun of Stefan for his crush on Caroline. They keep convincing him that he should start dating her because of all her great traits. When they get to the place where Stefan is sure he saw the Gemini group four months ago, he finds nothing but a vacant field. Damon uses Bonnie’s teddy to mock Stefan for hurting Caroline’s feelings. An irritated Stefan snatches it and drop-kicks it onto the field. The bear’s Bonnie charm activates as it traverses an unseen realm, showing a home.

Findings about Jo by Stefan, Damon, and Alaric.

Alaric recalls Jo’s comment that she hid her magic somewhere, so he and his Gemini housemates conclude that Bonnie hid hers in the bear so that Kai couldn’t use it to escape. Because Stefan and Damon aren’t welcome, Alaric sneaks into the home to investigate. Alaric has located photos of Jo as well as stories about the assault. A photo of Jo and Kai together reveals their family relationship to Damon. Outside, a guy joins them and identifies himself as Joshua Parker, Kai’s dad. Damon gives Joshua a firm handshake, and then Joshua uses his powers to make everything vanish once more. Damon is paralysed and taken inside while Alaric and Stefan watch helplessly from outside.

Damon is talking to Kai’s dad.

Damon comes to once he’s back inside the Gemini mansion, and Joshua says he just wants some answers. Damon is delighted to give them to Joshua in return for the rising, but Joshua isn’t eager to hand over the key to his son’s jail for being a psychopath. He tells Damon that if Kai escapes, he will immediately seek out Jo and murder her for her ability. Damon recommends just killing Kai, but Joshua points out that if Kai is successful in killing Jo, he will be everyone’s issue. Now that Jo is in the dominant position, Joshua casts an incantation to murder her. Damon intervenes to prevent him from harming Jo, but the man once again renders Damon helpless. Following Jo’s phone invitation, Stefan is able to gain entry to the residence. But Joshua employs sorcery to render himself undetectable once more, despite his best efforts to halt him.

Damon and Elena share a chuckle.

Damon, Stefan, and Alaric are getting ready to depart Portland, but Alaric won’t jeopardise Jo’s life by retrieving the rising and potentially releasing Kai. Thus, Damon forces him to comply. Damon and Elena continue their night out at the pub. She argues that he should have informed her of Bonnie and brought her along on the hunt. He keeps mocking her about how she feels compelled to do things. Elena follows up by inquiring about his time spent with Bonnie over the course of several months. Arguments are what he describes as happening most often. He explains how, despite his constant gushing about Elena, he still has trouble believing she gave her life so he could return. Having told him about her breakup with Liam, Elena explains that she is struggling with an unsettling sensation. But now she must decide whether to continue leading an ordinary existence or to take a chance on this emotion. Damon inquires as to what’s going to happen, and she requests his assistance in retrieving Bonnie so that she may get Bonnie’s advice on how to handle her emotions. Damon gives her a reassuring nod and she clasps his hands.

Once again, Damon has Alaric under his thumb.

When we last left Damon and Stefan, they were waiting for Alaric to return with the rising that he had stolen from Jo in I, Alone. Damon will earn Alaric’s wrath, Stefan says, so prepare yourself. But Damon mocks him instead, bringing up how he and Caroline’s relationship ended badly. He warns that being the evil person, while initially appealing, will leave you feeling confused and compelled to strike up conversations with strangers. Next, Alaric appears with the rising, and Damon orders him to forget the entire incident. Damon and Elena meet Liv in the woods after obtaining the ascendant. In order to locate them and bring them back, she provides them containers of her blood to consume, plus one additional for Bonnie. She gives them eight hours to locate Bonnie and return with her. They drew blood, and then Liv poured Bennett blood on the rising and recited the incantation. Both of them end up in the penal system of the Penitentiary universe.

A jail setting for Elena and Damon.

When Elena and Damon can’t find her at the Salvatore residence, Elena begins to worry that Kai has harmed her. While Damon tries to encourage her, Elena discovers Bonnie’s blood on the couch cushion. Damon then gets in touch with Kai via pager. During her wait for Kai’s contact, Elena explores the home and finds the video diaries Damon kept while he was incarcerated. It begins playing and she tries to watch it, but Damon prevents her. Elena doesn’t trust him when he attempts to explain it away by claiming the video is actually a tryout. There was an attempt to probe for the truth, but the incoming call interrupted. Bonnie calls, and she tells them that Kai abandoned her to perish in Portland so he could drain her blood. They are assured by her arrival in Mystic Falls within seven hours. Damon becomes concerned that Kai may have left as she puts up the phone.

Elena and Damon are a team in the kitchen.

It’s later, and Damon and Elena are in the Salvatore kitchen whipping up a batch of blueberry crepes. Before Damon can dig into his, Elena fashions teeth from the cream, just like he used to. Damon cracks a grin, and the meal begins. After hearing about Kai’s bloody spree in the news, Elena cannot understand why Jo would give up the throne. Damon evades the question for a while, but eventually admits that he was responsible for Alaric stealing it from her. Damon follows Elena as she rushes out of the kitchen. She concludes that his efforts to reunite with Bonnie are solely for her benefit, and she falls in love with him all over again. To punish Damon for being so self-centered, Elena strikes out and then abandons him.

The two enjoy a quiet moment together, Elena with Damon.

Damon and Elena have a veranda meeting on the Gilbert home. He informs her that he lost it after getting into an argument with Stefan on May 10, 1994, and that as a result, many people lost their lives. Since then, he has harboured remorse, leading him to conclude that this was indeed his own particular torment. Bonnie, however, refused to let him accept this and still held out hope for the pair. That they’ve become pals at last, and that he’s doing this for Bonnie and not her, are the two things he admits. After hearing this, Elena gives Damon a grin and they both head over to the swing. Damon acknowledges that the swing did rattle previously, but that he has since repaired it. He admits he used to visit here every day because it was the best representation of her he could find. Damon supports Elena to revisit her childhood home when she begins to feel homesick for it. She says she and Damon shared the responsibility for driving away the memories before she unlocks the barrier. With a reassuring grin on his face, he assures her that they will create fresh memories together. They look at each other and grin, sharing a moment as they sense a shift in the air. When they return to the actual world, they are once again in the graveyard. Both Tyler and Liv appear sad as Tyler explains that Kai is after Liv and that they must now travel to Mystic Falls.

In this scene, Damon and Kai get into a brawl.

Elena and Damon are mournfully observing the gravesite. Damon reassures her, though, by stating that they can attempt again whenever they like as long as they are in the lead. Kai eventually tracks them down and employs magic to disrupt the rising. Damon plans to murder him, but Kai, who is still enchanted by Liv, restrains him with her power. He approaches Elena as she repairs the ascendant, but instead of helping, he casts a magic to destroy them both. Even though he can’t be seen by Damon, he still tracks him down and dispatches Kai to Mystic Falls from across the boundary. The blaze is extinguished, but the ascendant has been obliterated. Damon reassures Elena by asking if she’s alright, while Kai boasts about his eagerness to wreak mayhem in Mystic Falls with no vampires to stop him.

Both Elena and Damon are sorry for Bonnie.

Alaric meets Damon in the bushes later on. He doesn’t care that Damon tries to make up justifications for how Kai escaped and strikes him anyway. To cheer up Damon, Elena has arrived. He says he left Bonnie a letter asking her to meet them on the veranda and that he expects she has already arrived. He admits that she made a lot of sacrifices for everyone else, and that they were meant to support her, but instead he is the only one left behind in the jail system.

While Damon sleeps, Elena observes.

Elena and Damon are still trying to find Bonnie in Yuletide Through Your Eyes. They hope to find an ascendant-like concept in Alaric’s works. Damon questions her if she is observing him slumber when he sees her gazing at him. He is drooling all over Alaric’s guidebook, and she makes fun of him. Damon keeps looking, and Elena just stares at him. Damon sees it, and she expresses gratitude to him for assisting Bonnie. Following this, Alaric contacts them to tell them that Jo has vanished. They all meet at Jo’s place, where Elena shares the news that one of the stabbing patients taken to the hospital last night has gone AWOL. Nobody, she adds, has seen Jo. Damon suggests they track down Kai and eliminate him. Fearing that Kai will find the dagger he concealed in a picture at Jo’s flat, he decides to murder the man if he returns. When he turns the picture over, however, he discovers that the dagger is nowhere to be found.

To eliminate Kai, Damon and Alaric work together.

Damon eventually locates Luke while looking for the brothers at Whitmore. Damon doesn’t intimidate him, but instead warns him about how deadly Kai could be if he merged with Jo. Seemingly persuaded, Luke reveals Kai and Jo’s whereabouts. Damon and Alaric go looking for Kai, and Damon attempts to make amends with Alaric for forcing him to go, but Alaric doesn’t accept his apology. They plan to attempt to entice Jo out of the mausoleum where Kai is keeping him. Damon tries to catch up to him in a hurry, but Kai forces him across the magical threshold. Damon feels his face burning and moves back across, and then Ric approaches Kai from behind and puts a pistol to his head. Jo steps out and instructs him not to shoot because if Kai dies, Luke and Liv will have to perform the fusion on their own. With training, Jo believes she can eventually defeat Kai. Although Damon attempts to persuade Alaric otherwise, the latter ultimately decides to spare Kai’s life after hearing the pleas of Jo.

It’s impossible for Damon and Elena to have a conversation right now.

Kai is eventually tied up on the other side of the boundary, but Damon continues to try to harm him by hurling pebbles. Eventually, Alaric tracks down Damon and makes an effort to talk some sense into him. Damon is frustrated that they won’t let him murder Kai, and Alaric explains to him that he’s being too self-centered. Unbeknownst to him, Kai is draining all of the Travelers’ magic that was used in the anti-magic ritual in Mystic Falls while Damon is on the phone with Elena. The elimination of the last traces of magic in Mystic Falls means that everyone can finally return home safely.

Both Stefan and Damon embrace each other.

Elena, who hears this from Damon over the phone, responds that she has no idea what they were or are meant to be, but that she wants to see him because she had a terrible day and needs to tell him something. Damon invites her over, promising to make supper while they commiserate about how miserable their days have been. He can hardly believe it when he hears the sound of his vehicle outside while he’s inside cooking their meal. After stepping outside, he finds that Stefan has fixed his vehicle. He embraces Stefan in his elation. Elena arrives at the Salvatore residence and sarcastically remarks that Damon has hung Mistletoe on the entrance. Damon hears a tap at the door but unlocks it to find no one there. When he shuts the door, Elena is taken aback to find Kai standing behind her, claiming that he cast a concealing charm on them before knocking her out.

Damon visiting Liz in the infirmary.

Damon is confined after learning of Liz’s illness and wakes up in her chamber in Woke Up With a Creature. He informs Liz that he’s allowing Jo practise magic at his home because he feels bad for enticing Alaric, and that Elena texted him to say that something came up and she had to postpone their dinner engagement. And now, Caroline has come in to see how Liz is doing. She argues with Liz in an attempt to get her to take vampire blood, and she turns to Damon for help. Contrary to Caroline’s claims, Damon says he has never heard that vampire blood can treat cancer. After that, he goes to see how Alaric and Jo are doing.

In search of Elena, Damon and Jo set out.

Damon receives a phone call from Elena as soon as he reaches the Salvatore Boarding House. A brief statement that Kai has her at Mystic Falls High School is followed by an abrupt hangup. Damon and Liv then make it to Mystic Falls High, where he waits for a concealing magic from Liv in order to rescue Elena from Kai. But then Luke shows up and insists that Liz go away because he and she have urgent business to attend to. Then, Damon reaches out to Alaric for support. Because she, too, has practised concealing as a young kid, Jo accepts to lend a hand. Jo shows up at the institution and wraps a shawl around herself and Damon. They wait until Kai is out of sight, then head to locate Elena.

Elena is located by Damon.

Damon rescues Elena by locating her in a classroom. Jo can also render Elena undetectable, though she lacks the strength to maintain the effect for long. Jo is on the verge of collapsing in the corridor when Kai, whose concealing magic has worn off, comes upon them. While confronting Kai, Damon warns her to flee because he underestimated the man’s strength. Cloaking Elena, Kai halts Damon in his tracks. Damon is able to hit the image of Kai with a mop handle, but it is really Elena. Kai knocks Damon down, and then he and Jo run off. But Alaric and Jeremy get there just in time and strike down Kai.

After evading Kai, Elena and Damon embrace.

Damon later pulls the spike out of Elena, but she is still struggling for breath. According to her, she still has a fragment in her body. She gasps for air as Damon searches for it, telling him this is the perfect opportunity to share whatever’s on his mind. When Damon’s anxiety levels rise, he’s surprised to hear her burst out chuckling and disclose her prank. They’re holding hands and smiling at each other. When Alaric and Jo show up, he immediately asks Elena if she’s doing fine. “I have never felt more vibrant,” Elena tells Damon with an expression of surprise on her face.

Damon offers to take Elena on a date.

Some time later, everyone meets at Alaric’s place to make plans to keep Kai asleep. Elena invites Damon out to dinner, but he teases her by saying that every time they attempt to go on a date, something terrible occurs, like him being sent to a jail world or Elena’s emotions being forced. In an effort to get him to stop moping around, Elena offers to take him out to supper the following evening. Damon tells her that they’ll find out about it tomorrow, and the two of them grin seductively at each other. After Jo offers to bandage Elena up, she takes off with Jo. With Damon’s help, Alaric comes to reassure him that Jo can and will win the combine by vanquishing Kai. Damon is still dubious, but he raises a glass with Alaric in celebration of the fact that their wives are insane and they still love them.

Damon and Elena visit Alaric in his chamber during Prayer for the Dying, and he sees that Elena has a new daytime band because Kai melted the old one. Elena reminds him that he is responsible for keeping an eye on Kai and that he should not suffocate him with a cushion. After some light banter, she leaves, only to be summoned downstairs and informed that Caroline gave Colin vampire blood, which accelerated the cancer and ultimately led to his death. Damon and Jo then have a conversation, during which he suggests he has an answer to Jo’s issue with Liz because it involves sorcery.

The two then have a conversation in which he assures Elena that everyone is concerned about Liz and that they will find a way to prevent what is planned for her. After telling Caroline he wishes to perish in front of her, Colin has his heart removed by Damon. The blood transfer was unsuccessful, he informs her; she killed not only him but also her mother. He sees Tyler ripping out Kai’s cables and oximeter, but Damon takes his neck before he can finish. Damon believes Kai can drain Liz’s power, and so he agrees with Tyler.

Damon uses Tyler’s phone to contact Liv and inform her he needs to speak to Joshua. Since Kai will soon be on the run and determined to combine with Jo instead, he wonders if the Mercury-Venus conjunction could aid in the Merge and instructs him to have the siblings join. When Kai comes to, he attempts to cast a spell on Damon, but his power has vanished. Damon informs Kai that he knows where he can get more sorcery for him, but Kai wants to be paid for his services. Suddenly, Jo steps in and demands to know why he is there, at which point he instructs Kai to drain Liz of her magical powers. She informs him she’s not ready to combine with Kai yet, and he tells her that Kai wishes to do it that night. Damon is about to continue talking, but Kai snaps his neck. When Liz doesn’t react to Elena’s compressions, Elena instructs Damon to locate a doctor. Damon wakes up and steps in. When he walks in with it, the doctor is taken aback and Liz is the one who is shocked. Despite the doctor’s best efforts, Liz remains unconscious. Eventually she comes to, and after she asks to leave the room for a while, he and Elena share a passionate kiss. When Damon gets to the park where Luke and Kai became one, he sees Jo holding Luke’s cranium. She rejects his offer to give Luke blood; he opens his eyes and breathes in, but he soon passes away. Damon walks over to where Kai was standing and the smile vanishes as Kai suddenly vanishes.

In the kitchen of The Day I Tried to Live, Elena reassures Damon that she is fine with their kiss by giving him another one. Kai walks in and disrupts the conversation. He’s going to need their assistance in locating Jo. Some of Luke’s humanity seems to have been taken by him after the combine, in which he murdered Luke and stole his abilities, he says. And his guilt is dampening his psychopath high. He attempted to pen a note to Jo, but ended up sobbing into the paper. That’s why I believe it’s so important for Jo to hear how regretful I am for the harm I’ve caused to our family,” Kai says. Elena considers a favour he could do for them in exchange. The rising is broken, according to Kai. Damon manipulates Kai into sending a communication about the location of magic by appealing to his newly awoken feelings about Bonnie’s birthday. Damon recommends they inform Bonnie to visit Nova Scotia and look for the magically charged blood of Qetsiyah on the gravestone of Silas. Kai gets Elena, Damon, and Jeremy ready to join Bonnie in her afterlife. With the recitation of an incantation, they are instantly transported to Hell, year 1994. However, she is unable to see or feel them. Bonnie is seen popping open the eldest bottle of whisky in the home and viewing a video of herself with Damon. Damon reveals that they made a deal to commit suicide once they had drained the whisky and had had enough of Hell.

They are all jolted back into reality at once. Due to the magic depletion, Kai’s nostril is haemorrhaging. Damon wrote notes about Nova Scotia in a journal; now all they have to do is show it to her. Despite the potential danger of going alone, Jeremy decides to go anyway. Damon, resolved to join Bonnie in her whisky consumption, reaches for the same container she did. If Elena were human, she may or may not be with Damon. According to him, she presumably wouldn’t. Though she doesn’t particularly enjoy the solution, Elena attempts to exit the chamber, only to find that she can’t due to a magical barrier.

Liv makes an effort to locate Kai. When Damon hears Liv down below, he kicks a hole in the fireplace and throws the rare container of whisky down. Liv is knocked off her feet as the alcohol lands on the blaze below, setting the captives free. With Damon’s blood, Elena revives Bonnie, and Kai recovers. Elena attempts to give Jeremy the okay to leave later. She supports his decision to pursue a degree in painting. Elena eventually locates Damon and addresses him, telling him that she is finally ready to let go of her human history and accepting the fact that she will always return to him no matter what. With a smooch and a dive into bed, he’s got her.

In the movie Remain, Elena and Damon meet with Jeremy’s headmaster in an effort to persuade him to let Jeremy finish early so that he can attend art school. They attempt it Damon’s way, but the director still isn’t convinced. Since they already forced him to attend art school, they force the director to release him. Damon and Elena go to Jeremy’s house to tell him the happy news that he “graduated,” but Elena admits that she felt compelled to do so. Damon even bought him a swanky send-off stogie. Damon walks into her office and discovers Liz sitting at her desk, case folders open before her. Damon aids in this by coming clean to the majority of them, which helps her to finally seal the deal.

Damon reassures her he had nothing to do with Elena’s parents’ deaths, but she remains concerned. Two hours before her demise, she plays him a frantic voicemail from her friend Miranda Gilbert. Damon and Stefan were in town the night of the accident, and Liz wants to know why. Flowers for his mother’s burial were what brought him here. The fact that there were no skid tracks and the trunk was full of baggage don’t help him convince Liz, so he shifts the topic to why the Gilberts were on Wickery Bridge when it was out of the way. They had a destination in mind.

Even though Liz tries calling Elena and Jeremy, Elena is too high to pick up the phone. Damon instructs her to straighten up and head over to Liz’s house when he phones. Damon notes that Liz seems more buoyant. Damon learns the news from Elena, who then informs Liz. Jeremy recalls that his mother had discovered him consuming marijuana in his room and had acted very angry, threatening to contact the police. The suitcases belonged to the victims of a tempest that wrecked an unexpected vacation to the lake home.

Liz recalls that the rain had also brought down a power line across the quicker path home, which is why they were forced to take Wickery. There are no slide tracks because the bridge was slippery before it was rebuilt and the water problem was fixed. Sadly, Liz sees that the riddle is all a sham. Damon, she tells him, should contact Caroline and let her know that tomorrow she can spring the surprise. Liz locks her workstation and exits, leaving her identification behind. Elena receives the information from Damon at the Salvatore residence, but she still encourages Jeremy to follow through with his plans to depart town. To help him get to the airport, Alaric offers to drive.

Once they get home, Damon helps Liz into her own bed. She seems to be unhappy that there is no greater explanation for the Gilberts’ deaths, and he senses this. Liz gives in to a moment of self-pity, feeling frustrated that she has led a decent life but is still dying. Liz asks Damon to convey her pride in Caroline, but he says she can convey it herself. Damon carries her to bed and tucks her in. Damon reveals that he composed a speech for his mother but decided not to attend her burial. Liz requests that he write to her, but warns that they not exchange any inappropriate messages. Elizabeth needs a beverage, so she begs for one. When Damon returns to get it, he finds Liz incapacitated. She goes into a trance after he brings her to the hospital. While everyone is gathered around Liz’s hospital bed, Stefan demonstrates dream-sharing to Caroline.

Damon, in the Let Her Go kitchen, struggles to pen Liz’s speech. He assumes this is Liz’s attempt to help him get over her absence during his mother’s passing. Caroline is attempting to get through the next few days as best she can, but Damon assures her that the next few days won’t be as terrible as the ones after them, when she won’t have her pals around to help her feel better.

Following her mother’s passing, Caroline begins each day by making an inventory of tasks she needs to complete. She plans to have a memorial service and then have her mother laid to rest today. Time after Damon’s mother passed away is the first thing he can think of. Damon is having trouble composing his speech, and Stefan can sense it. However, Stefan’s thoughts are elsewhere at the moment.

Stefan states, “I have no one else to consult, so I need your counsel, and I need you to not be a jerk about it.” Stefan reveals to Damon that he kissed Caroline. When Damon finds out that Stefan isn’t in love, he tells him to run away before Caroline gets harmed (but not today). Damon hasn’t finished writing the speech yet.

Elena is concerned that Caroline is failing to cope. According to Elena, the funeral shouldn’t focus on Damon or Liz but on Caroline and what she needs to hear. Damon, having just returned from his mother’s burial, is overcome with nostalgia. Damon’s abrupt departure has left young Stefan in tears. Liz attends a burial fit for a police officer.

Then Damon will have his chance. “My buddy Liz Forbes. Your mom wanted you to know how pleased she was of you, and she should be. She requested me to send along a note in her final minutes. And on top of all that, you’re a wonderful companion and a stunning, powerful lady. A shining beacon amidst the night. As she claimed, you are exceptional, and it’s true “According to Damon, everyone, including himself, considered Liz a saviour.

While Damon is talking, Stefan can’t take his eyes off of Caroline. Caroline stands and sings her mother “Go in Peace.” At the Restaurant, Stefan tells Damon how much he enjoyed his tribute. He felt terrible about letting down his brother by not delivering a homily at their mother’s funeral. Stefan admits to Damon that he was incorrect; he does, in fact, have feelings for Caroline. Damon warns him to abandon the futile pursuit. Damon comments, “I believe she could use some good news like that today.” Damon returns home after leaving a message for Elena and discovers the makings for pancakes in the kitchen.

A startled Bonnie immediately jumps into his embrace. Bonnie informs him that in the jail world of 1903, she visited him at his home. She plays the recording she had been making for him while her camera was still running. It turns out that Damon can also see the same lady that Bonnie did. His mom called.

He and Kai have made their way to The Salvatore Tomb in The Descending Spiral. Damon has just opened the casket containing his mother. Kai expresses his joy that Bonnie has escaped the jail world of 1994. Kai has gotten on Damon’s nerves, so he keeps trying to pry open Lily’s casket. Damon breaks the news to Kai that his mother has passed away and that the woman in Bonnie’s video footage is not his real mother from the 1903 jail world. If she is a vampire, then it is conceivable, as Kai explains to Damon. After a long time, Damon opens the casket to discover there is no one inside. He has come to the conclusion that his mother may actually be a vampire. In a little while, at the Salvatore lodging home. Stefan calls Damon on his cell phone. Caroline, her lack of empathy, and her emotions for Stefan are discussed.

Stefan requests that Damon conduct a search for any possible lost persons in the region. As Kai listens in, Damon is questioned about why he didn’t inform Stefan about Lily. Not now, Damon admonishes him. Damon wants to know if his mother is still living, so he begs Kai for the rising and sends him to the jail world of 1903. Kai will go along with it, but only if Damon takes him to see Bonnie first. After a while, Bonnie and Damon have a phone conversation about Caroline, Elena, and Kai. Have a good time at the party, Damon urges her.

Kai overheard the conversation and is still keen on meeting Bonnie. While on her way back to Mystic Falls, Lily stopped in New York, and Kai informs Damon about her. Damon and Kai go to the party, where Kai is expecting to run into Bonnie. Damon goes to Bonnie’s college room. Damon has made her so furious that she tortures him in the hopes that he will depart with her in the same state of mind that she was in after her ordeal with Kai. Damon heads back to the hostel. Damon asks Kai why he thinks Lily is being held in the jail world of 1903.

Kai assures him that her presence is not coincidental. An enraged Damon takes Kai by the neck and compels him to speak. Damon is eager to reunite with Lily. Damon hears from Kai that Lily is hotness personified. Kai continues by informing Damon that she and the other dissidents were incarcerated in the year 1903. To add insult to injury, Kai says that Lily has murdered hundreds. Damon has had enough, so he orders Kai to be quiet.

When Stefan finally gets home in A Bird in a Gold Cage, he immediately confronts Damon and demands to know where the firearms are stored. After he turns off his empathy, Damon asks him about it. Before Damon can dose him with vervain, however, Stefan fractures his limb, tells him to keep away, and then departs. When Elena returns home, she finds Damon striking a chair over and over with a club as a way of venting his frustration. Alive and well, he assures her, is his mother. Damon comments, “That makes total logic, Stefan was always a mama’s baby.”

Elena thinks of a solution, but Damon is of the opinion that you can’t solve one killer issue by letting loose another. Damon asks Bonnie for assistance in enlisting Kai’s services in order to return to 1903; she accepts, albeit grudgingly. Bonnie, Kai, Damon, and Elena are getting ready to leave for the jail world of 1903 at the Salvatore residence. The world is white with snow when they return. Because the 1903 rising cannot cross dimensions, Bonnie and Kai set off in search of it, while Elena and Damon seek for Damon’s mother on their own.

The couple visits Damon’s boyhood residence. Elena discovers a photo of Stefan, who she mistakes for Damon, and says is “so adorable.” Damon tells her, “that’s Stefan,” and gives her a picture of himself. And just as Damon is about to declare that he doesn’t care about his mother anymore, she shows up. With a cup of tea in hand, Lily tells Damon and Elena about her background and experiences. She used up all the blood in the area and now only needs two drips a week to stay alive. When Damon reveals that Stefan pulled their father’s neck out, she shrugs it off. Damon tries to make Lily feel bad about abandoning him and Stefan after she tells him she loathed her spouse. She eventually gives in to Damon and Elena’s insistence that Stefan’s humanity be reactivated. Then she talks about the people who have been “tagging along” with her. She shows them a table piled high with preserved undead. Lilly claims the vampires who were preserved were a protection against her own killer inclinations. She claims they limited their blood intake for her benefit, and that eventually she was able to rein in her appetite for blood. Damon finds her completely bonkers. The ascension is on the table when Elena sees Lily getting the last of the blood to restore them. Damon informs Elena that Bonnie isn’t actively seeking the rising. Bonnie arrives just as the northern lights begin to join Damon and Stefan. Lily declines to go with Damon and the others because she and her companions are one sorceress short. Damon vows to abandon her as well, despite her insistence that the vampires are her family and that she will not leave without him. Arriving just as Bonnie begins to repeat the incantation, Kai sees Damon, Elena, Lily, and Bonnie vanish from the jail world.

Lily tells Damon that she did go see Stefan on the night of her burial, once they are back at the Salvatore home. For Stefan, she will always be a saviour. The pound of his blood was all she heard when she bent down to speak in his ear, so she ran away for their safety. Damon can rest easy knowing that she missed them just as much, if not more, than he did. When Lily inquires once more about her companions’ return, he gives her his word that it won’t be long now. Damon’s mother needs time, and Elena attempts to persuade him to grant her that. She stresses the importance of always looking for the bright side of a situation or person. Damon and Elena begin stripping down and making passionate love to one another. And then Bonnie, looking surprised, interrupts. Bonnie praises Damon for assisting her get peace after Elena departs. Damon drowns out his mother’s objections by turning on the water, and then he informs Bonnie that the insane lady in the attic is bent on relocating to the year 1903. On the other hand, he acknowledges that returning is out of the question. Bonnie gives him a piece of her 1994 jail world by way of the remedy for vampirism she discovered on her way to Nova Scotia. He is reconsidering his desire to give it to Elena. Bonnie answers, “It’s up to you.”

Within the home, Elena and Damon spend a pleasant morning with his mother doing chores downstairs in I Never Could Love Like That. Elena was getting ready when she almost ran into the remedy, but she was distracted at the time. After taking a peek at the treatment, Damon puts the box back. Lily spends the entire meal talking about how she can’t wait to get back to her jail world and see her pals. In passing, Lily alludes to the fact that she heard Bonnie and Damon last night by mentioning the fact that she is human. Then, Elena receives a text message from Jo informing her that someone has been murdering people at Whitmore, and she regretfully leaves. While Elena is leaving, Damon makes an agitated motion towards his mom. Damon, on the way to Whitmore, attempts to get his mom ready to speak to Stefan and restore his humanity. She says she witnessed Damon and Bonnie discussing a treatment. She is aware of his worry that he will lose Elena if he hands it to her. After learning that his mother wasn’t returning to the United States with Stefan and Damon, he informs her that she needs to put on the show of a lifetime.

Lily, a student at Whitmore, wonders how she will ever get to know Stefan. Since Damon knows she wasn’t coming to get them, he recommends she recount the tale of how she came back to get them. Lily says she has forgotten how it feels to be a mother and is trying to get in touch with that again. She says that being with her “new” family helped her recover emotionally, but that she no longer has any ties to her biological family. Damon contacts Elena, who recommends Lily attempt deceiving Stefan if she really wants him back. Damon tells Lily to try her hardest, but she’s also been assured that they’ll rescue her people. She accuses him of deceiving Elena by keeping the remedy a secret, and he reassures her by giving her the rising. Damon and Lily come into the pub and disrupt Stefan and Caroline’s conversation. Damon hands over his vehicle keys to Tyler so that he can transport Matt to get medical attention. Caroline understands that Lily is meant to awaken Stefan’s compassion so that he can then awaken hers. She then flees out of the pub after stabbing Stefan in the back. Lily assures Stefan that she is as tough as he is. She gives Stefan all the maternal love he could want, informing him she came to see him the day of her burial. Damon observes her response to the kind words he spoke to her earlier. She assures him she won’t abandon him again. It serves its purpose. He regains his humanity to cry into his mother’s arms. Stefan stops to think about all the deaths he’s caused before deciding to go look for Caroline. Elena tells Damon she was envious of Jo’s pregnant because she’s always desired a family but realises it’ll never happen now that she’s a vampire. Damon says, cryptically, “how could you feel if things were different?”

In Because, Stefan tells Caroline his mother lied to him all the time and brings her to a B&B for a vacation. This is all part of his plot to torment Caroline into submission by convincing her that he hasn’t completely lost touch with his human side. He orders paper napkins and then proceeds to consume the person who delivers them. After discussing the plan in detail with Elena, Damon is excited to break the news to her that Stefan and Caroline slept together. They intend to emotionally overpower Caroline after first draining her strength. After Caroline turned the switch, her mother wrote a note to Elena, which she received.

As Damon enters the scene with the towels, he fires Caroline with vervain needles before moving on to Stefan for the dramatic effect. They wake up and Stefan informs Caroline that they were discovered. Vampires will have a hard time getting into their chamber now that it has been protected. Damon stops by Bonnie’s house to tell her he fooled his mother into thinking he was going back to jail. It hasn’t gone over well with Bonnie that Lily may soon become an issue for her.

Furthermore, she can’t believe Damon hasn’t informed Elena about the remedy. Elena is heartbroken because her mother’s note was destroyed by Caroline. Damon inquires as to Elena’s plans for the next five years if she were mortal. Damon owns a pub, and Elena is in medical school, so the two of them live together in a Tribeca apartment. She hopes to have twins.

Caroline, irritated by her own spying from above, distracts herself by caressing Stefan. Damon stops with detailed accounts of all of Caroline’s murders and then asks her what her mother would think. As a result, Caroline turns on them and confronts Damon with the question of how it feels to be unable to offer Elena the existence she desires. Elena isn’t completely comfortable with being a vampire, but if it means spending forever with Damon, she’s willing to accept that. Damon and Lily are stopped by a phone call from Lily, who demands the rising back. She claims to have discovered a remedy and will trash it if he doesn’t use it.

When Damon visits Bonnie at Whitmore, he discovers her in her dorm room on the verge of destroying the rising. He says his mother has the antidote, but Bonnie refuses to put herself in danger by setting the rebels free. Bonnie claims he would have cured Elena by now if he really wanted to. She challenges him to take charge, despite the fact that doing so might mean permanently losing Elena. He exits the scene. Damon pays his mom a visit. When he admits he forgot to bring the rising, she throws the remedy package into the flames, justifying her action by saying it’s a favour to him.

Damon hears from Lily that her worst nightmare is that he will be able to spend all of eternity with Elena. She explains to Elena that she should not expect the remedy from Damon. Damon’s question about Elena’s plans for the future five years finally makes sense to Elena. He tells Elena he is a “selfish fool” for not stopping his mother when she threatened to trash the remedy because he loves her too much. Despite Elena’s suggestion that they give it to someone else, Damon insists that she and he will both keep it.

Alaric is working late at school by himself when he spots a person dash past the entrance in I’d Quit My Comfortable House For You. Someone drops a sack on top of him out of nowhere. The three vampire brothers take the sack from Alaric’s head and wish him a joyous bachelor party in a room full of gorgeous young women at the Salvatore mansion. Damon informs Alaric that he intends to become human by feeding on Elena after she regains her humanity. Astonished, Alaric wonders why Damon hasn’t told Stefan yet. Damon asks Elena to meet him on the clock tower via text message.

Elena, atop the clock tower, frets that Damon, once he becomes human, will hate her. They take pleasure in their vampire lifestyle and descend to the earth with a soft landing after several floors. Damon inquires as to what Elena enjoys most about her undead lifestyle. He appreciates the enhanced perception and the ability to persuade and imprint on others’ minds. When Elena visits, he takes her back to her childhood home. He promises her that if he could spend the rest of his life with her, he would.

As a result, he is carrying the necessary medication. She’s open about her desire to take it, and he’s prepared to do so. She tells you, “I adore you,” and means it. He promises, “Till death do us part.” Elena gulps it down. She feels dizzy and begins to recall the times she had blocked out her recollections of Damon. She can recall their first date and the smooch they shared on her veranda, but after that, her memory is blank. Someone pricked her finger, and it never recovered.

Because their mother is on the run, Stefan contacts Damon to caution him against taking the fix. Lily appears when Damon hangs up the phone and breaks his neck, bringing Elena back to life and abandoning Damon all by himself. After locating Damon, Stefan assures him that Elena is secure. The two men are having a fight because Stefan thinks Damon should have told him about the solution. She was sitting in the Restaurant, feeling sorry for herself. Without someone to share the experience with, she doesn’t see the purpose in trying to heal. She picks up a table limb and gets ready to commit suicide, but Stefan begs her to stay for their boys. Lily leads Stefan into battle, but Damon counters with a vervain injection.

Elena is at home when Damon arrives. Including the time she begged him to come with her to the island with the remedy and he refused, she can recall every detail of their relationship in vivid detail. She advises him to give it some serious thought. Lily comes to in the underground cage, where Enzo is waiting for her. She cries for help and Stefan comes to let her out. Lily avoids him like the plague. If it takes Stefan another century or two, he doesn’t care. She tells him she will rescue her people no matter the cost, and that he will be devastated when she succeeds.

At the beginning of I’ll Marry You in the Golden Springtime, Stefan takes Damon to a suburban home where he once resided during one of his many failed efforts to humanise himself. In his opinion, Damon hasn’t given serious consideration to important factors like having neighbours and securing a mortgage. To show Damon what it would be like to be human, Stefan has prepared a microwaved TV supper and piled high with papers.

Damon will need to do the same to secure his financial future. As long as Stefan knows where Damon is, no one can torment him to find out any details about Damon, so he won’t be able to provide him with any. Stefan says that his wrongdoers will eventually find out he’s human and hunt him down. Damon, however, is planning ahead. Damon runs a tavern in the Northwest, and they’ll be living above it.

Stefan phones Elena to see how she is doing. Now onto her fourth glass of bubbly. In defiance of Elena’s concerns, Stefan says, Damon has planned out his future with her. Elena encourages Stefan to exert himself and show Damon that he wouldn’t be content if he stayed with them. Stefan asks Damon the important question, “What happens if I split up with Elena?” He points out to Damon that he and Elena were once soul partners, too, but that was four years ago.

Two years into their relationship, when Elena returns home late from work and has no time for Damon, Stefan paints a picture of their future for him. Then, after seven years, Damon returns from the bar inebriated and accuses her of being the reason he is unable to perform the same tasks as he did when he was a vampire. Damon comes to quickly, accusing Stefan of attempting to sway his decision because Stefan doesn’t want to lose him and Elena.

Then, Stefan reminds everyone that Elena is still only mortal and subject to death at any moment. He shows Damon how his life has been since Elena left him: full with alcohol and sadness and isolation. Stefan admits that Elena prompted him to reflect on his human past. When Damon begs Stefan for advice, Stefan tells him that he must want to be normal for himself. Damon tracks Elena down and identifies her as Elena. Shortly after Stefan departed the suburbs, Damon spotted an elderly couple alighting from their vehicle. He approached the woman and told her that he had decided to take the fix and turn human because he was still toying with and in love with her. After a physical tumble in the barn’s hay, they remember they’re late for the wedding.

We’re getting started with the ritual. Jo’s father gives her away at the altar. The couple’s vows were written by Jo and Alaric themselves. Damon and Elena imagine themselves as Alaric promises Jo to him, and they reflect on the many times they’ve escaped disaster. Jo commences hers, but then she gasps for air. Suddenly, Kai materialises out of nowhere and she experiences a series of stabbings to the midsection. He uses his powers to incapacitate everyone in the stable and then blasts out the window, causing Elena to fall to the floor.

Damon tries to give Elena his blood in I Thought About You All The Time. Damon fears that Elena will refuse to drink his blood and won’t come to. After waking up and picking themselves up off the ground, Stefan and Caroline run over to where Damon is standing over Elena’s dead body, clearly distraught.

They advise Damon to take Elena to the hospital immediately, and he does so by simply picking her up in his arms and rushing there with his supernatural vampiric speed. Damon phones Bonnie to inform her that Jo has died and that Elena will not recover. Bonnie informs him that Kai extracted her and Matt’s blood but left them both living. Both of them are befuddled. Ty shapeshifter, Kai vampire, reads an SMS message sent to Damon. Then Kai reappears, this time with a werewolf’s fang embedded in his throat.

If Kai reveals his deed to Damon, he will travel to New Orleans to acquire the antidote (from Klaus). Internal haemorrhaging and a ruptured lung are what Damon discovers when he arrives to check on Bonnie. Kai attempts to convince Damon to abandon Bonnie to her death and pursue the life he’s always imagined with Elena. Bonnie tries to shift her head out of the way as Damon caresses her on the brow in apology, and then she steps away.

A furious Kai. Damon abandoned her too soon. Kai is angry, but his anger doesn’t last long because Damon comes up behind him and chops off his head. Damon quickly hurries over to Bonnie, rubbing her head comfortingly as he feeds her blood. On day two, everyone meets back up at the Salvatore residence. Currently, Elena is dozing off in a casket. A goodbye is said by each person in turn. There’s a pause while Caroline and Bonnie go first. When Jeremy got there, he went straight to his sister’s room and woke her up by grabbing her hand.

Damon helps Stefan seal Elena’s casket in the catacombs. “Every vampire in existence would hunt her down if they found out her corpse contained the antidote. Bonnie will put a stop to it by using a definite ending charm.” Damon will now deliver the final farewell remarks. As they return to the spot where they first met, Elena discovers Damon unconscious in the road. She stands up and begins questioning Damon, saying that she has a terrible feeling about this. When Elena inquires of Damon once more about the severity of the situation, he answers with the same answer. He fills her in on Kai’s misdeeds. She encourages him to stop worrying and start living. In the centre of the street, they break into a leisurely waltz.

Stefan informs Caroline that he has created a chart of all the ways in which his life has improved since he fell in love with her. If he has to wait for her, he says that’s fine and he will. He promises that “I will be ready for you when the time is right.” Damon and Elena’s performance is over, and now he must get ready to live the next 60 years of his existence without her. He gives her a kiss, but it’s with regret in his eyes. There is a lapse of time that we cannot determine. As it appears, Mystic Falls is now a war zone; Matt still looks like he did as he walks the abandoned streets in his sheriff vehicle and Damon stands on the clock tower, looking over a, apparently, devastated Mystic Falls.

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