Alex Kleyner Net Worth 2024


Alex Kleyner Net Worth 2024: Alex Kleyner has gained significant attention in the business world for his strategic insight and innovative methods. Recognized as a successful entrepreneur and leader, Kleyner has established a strong reputation. As 2024 nears, there is growing curiosity about his net worth. This article will delve into an analysis of Alex Kleyner’s net worth in 2024, explore his sources of income, and examine the factors that have contributed to his financial achievements.

Who is Alex Kleyner?

Alex Kleyner is a noteworthy individual making significant contributions across various fields. As the CEO and Co-founder of National Debt Relief LLC, he assists individuals in overcoming debt and regaining financial stability with strategic and compassionate methods. Additionally, he established ABK Capital, demonstrating his expertise in managing complex financial situations.

Alex Kleyner Net Worth

Kleyner also invests in major global companies, showcasing his business acumen. He has a passion for photography, particularly capturing the beauty of buildings in Miami and New York.

Furthermore, he founded Store 2 Door, an innovative company that simplifies online shopping and delivery. Whether he’s aiding people with debt, leading businesses, taking stunning architectural photos, or enhancing technology, Alex Kleyner is a notable figure in today’s dynamic world.

Early Life

Alex Kleyner obtained a solid education during his time at Pace University, which helped pave the way for his future success. His dedication and intelligence were evident as he worked diligently to earn his Bachelor’s degree. In addition to his academic pursuits, he engaged in various extracurricular activities, demonstrating his commitment to personal growth in multiple facets of life. His teachers left a lasting impression on him, reflecting his keen interest in learning and his strong desire to accomplish his goals.


Alex Kleyner, the CEO and Co-Founder of National Debt Relief, LLC, is a graduate of Pace University. In his leadership position, he concentrates on steering the company to offer debt relief solutions to clients across the country.


Kleyner’s early years were marked by a strong enthusiasm for business, guiding him through a number of successful early ventures. These experiences not only equipped him with valuable skills but also provided the capital needed for his future ambitious projects.

Alex Kleyner Net Worth 2024

Meet Alex Kleiner, a multi-talented individual with an estimated net worth between $10 million to $100 million. As CEO of National Debt Relief, he helps individuals eliminate their debt through helpful advice and strategic plans. In addition to his role in debt relief, Alex is an entrepreneur and investor, having put money into leading companies globally.


Alex Kleyner’s journey is a testament to unwavering resolve and achievement. From his ventures in digital marketing to his strides in real estate, he has consistently displayed resilience and innovation. Estimated to be worth between $10 million to $100 million, a significant portion of his wealth is strategically invested in prominent global enterprises.

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