Long Island Audit Net Worth In 2024


Long Island Audit Net Worth In 2024: LIA (Long Island Audit), founded and run by SeanPaul Reyes of YouTube is an ongoing documentary project documenting interactions with law enforcement and government officials, predominantly in New York area. Reyes considers himself to be a constitutional activist who falls under an emerging movement known as First Amendment Auditors.

Uncovering the finances of YouTubers and online personalities can be difficult. Today, we take a deep dive into Long Island Audit’s net worth; known for their 1st Amendment audits and public employee accountability programs.

Long Island Audit Net Worth

Long Island Audit Net Worth 2024

Long Island Audit’s net worth can be difficult to assess; however, we can explore some factors for an approximate figure:

  • YouTube earnings: Long Island Audit likely earns a significant portion of its income through YouTube ad revenue. Estimates suggest their channel earns between $30,000 and $80,000 monthly, translating to $400,000 annually [sources mentioning specific earnings are difficult to verify].
  • Donations: Long Island Audit’s website mentions daily giveaways and appears to accept donations; however, an exact amount remains unknown.
  • Legal fees: Due to legal interactions that could arise during 1st Amendment audits, legal costs could become an additional drain on earnings.

Long Island Audit’s net worth remains unknown, although they likely generate income through YouTube and donations.

What is First Amendment Auditing?

Auditing of citizens’ First Amendment rights involves recording encounters between police and government personnel in public spaces or buildings and citizens who exercise their First Amendment rights, particularly the right to film them while conducting official duties in the open. Auditors want to see whether public officials understand these rights.

Long Island Audit’s Methods

Reyes often films himself entering public buildings like courthouses, libraries, and police precincts; he frequently poses questions to staff regarding recording policies or whether specific areas can be filmed. These interactions are uploaded onto LIA’s YouTube channel that boasts over 400,000 subscribers.

Focus on Law Enforcement

Focus on Law Enforcement A significant portion of LIA’s content features interactions between Reyes and police officers. Reyes often questions these officers regarding filming policies or seeks clarity regarding specific laws; their responses range from friendly conversations to more contentious situations where officers try to remove LIA from public places.

Legality and Public Perception

Legality of LIA activities has long been the subject of debate. While the First Amendment allows filming in public spaces, restrictions might apply within government buildings; furthermore, some have suggested LIA’s tactics may antagonize law enforcement, hindering productive interactions.

Impact and Criticism

Long Island Audit has attracted considerable online scrutiny. Supporters see LIA as a watchdog, holding authorities responsible for upholding citizens’ rights; critics contend that its confrontational approach disgraces law enforcement and distorts police procedures.

Beyond Auditing

The Long Island Audit brand extends beyond YouTube. LIA sells merchandise and gives viewers the chance to interact with Reyes – creating further speculation as to its true purpose – raising awareness of First Amendment rights or making revenue?

The Future of LIA

Long Island Audit (LIA) continues to have an impact on the first amendment auditing movement, sparking debate around public filming rights while its methods and approach remain controversial. One thing is certain though; LIA videos will continue to ignite discussions surrounding tensions between citizens and law enforcement officials.


Long Island Audit may find it challenging to calculate their net worth with absolute accuracy, yet we can assume most of their income likely comes from YouTube advertising revenue and viewer donations; however, any legal expenses related to their audits could serve as a counterbalance factor.

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